02/17/2005 - Columbia SC

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A Bit Laid Back...

Post by captainpea »

...but, always exciting. Lots of older stuff! :D

P.S. Jimmy, don't forget Great Woods this year!!!
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Excellent set list! Cant wait for the Ohio shows to be announced
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Is 53 pages above average for listening/chatting on BN?
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Jim in Raleigh
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Concert from one who was there...

Post by Jim in Raleigh »

I was at the show last night, and as long time Buffett fan, I enjoyed it. I first saw him when I was a high school student in South Carolina amd JB was the backup act for the Eagles at the old Carolina Coliseum. I've seen him many many times since then. I had seats for this one about 6 rows about the floor, since I am a Gamecock Club member and had advance purchase. So I also loved his Steve Spurrier references. Go Gamecocks!

Some of my impressions of the scene. These are my thoughts and impressions of this and past shows as they relate to this, and some tangents as I go along....

Hot Hot Hot, always a great way to start, even if it is a recording. I wish they'd do it live again like when I saw Tina and Nadira do it in Raleigh a few years ago.

Time Loves a Hero: What? This is the first song? I guess if I knew Little Feat I'd like it. I saw them with JB at Memorial Stadium in Charlotte about 15 years ago, but I did not know this song. Did not take off much...slow start. I could not really understand the words, of course I did not know them either.

Off To See The Lizard! Oh yes, I saw that tour at the Charlotte Memorial Stadium concert. I love this album and song, but again for the SYKBH crowd, they were scratching their heads....

Hey Good Lookin'-now the crowd starts to get into it. A bone for the new fans. I was out buying Coronas :P when this one started....(it always amazes me how long people will stand in long line for a beer when there are other vendors with no lines a short walk away....I was out and back in before it ended).

Presents to Send You! Great 8 track cut. I have this album (and CD & cassette). Again, slowed down the nouveu JB fans. I love this song. Great for the hard core fans. I love the Buford Pusser reference in here (see below). Who else knew? Me and about 1000 others, probably. :wink:

"There sits a fifth of Tequila
God I swore I'd never drink it again
But my last little bout I had my hair pulled out
By a man who really wasn't my friend
And I know I'll never see him again"

Life Is Just a Tire Swing! Again, see above. The crowd has so many people who just know SYKBH, this was another head scratcher for them.

Come Monday. Got to do it. When I first saw him in Columbia (1975) this was the only song I knew. Of course, at that show he did WDWGD&S, which embarassed the heck out of me since I was on my 2nd date (ever!). I have since come to like it, but can live without it.

Last Mango in Paris! FANTASTIC! Again, not so well known but a great song for hard core fans. Crowd kind of quiets again.

Trip Around the Sun. Good song, isn't it number one on country charts? For the new people. Still the pace is kind of slow, not the usual frenzy that often characterize the shows since so many songs were old and the "new" fans don't know them.

Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street! Great! Still slow for the crowd. I saw him do this about 6 years ago at Walnut Creek in Raleigh. Nice nugget to pull back out. Crowd still subdued compared to the past shows.

License to Chill. Well, I could live without hearing this again. If he is going to do Kenny Chesney, he could cover No Shirt No Shoes, which I do like.

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. SYKBH. Crowd gets back into it. I love this song, was on the first JB album I bought new. Of course, at that time I liked it so I got his older stuff. A1A, etc.

Cheeseburger in Paradise. Time for more Coronas. :D Crowd loves it..... :roll:

Volcano. I love this song, even if it is SYKBH. Saw him first do it on the Volcano tour at Carowinds in Charlotte at the paladium there. I'd like to see him do the Royal Albert Hall version. It is on the DVD for the concert for Monserrat. He also does Hey Jude with a bunch of other singers, after Paul McCartney and Elton John start it off. Any way....enough of that tangent....

Ragtop Day! OoooH! Isn't this from Coconut Telegraph? Whatever, one of my favorites, but up tempo enough to keep the crowd alive. (Riddles in the Sand CD! Wow!)

Brown Eyed Girl. I love it. So does everyone else there. A little glitch with the guitars, JB seems to have the wrong one and if looks could kill the roadie who hands him the one he needs would be dead.

Do you remember when we used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Just like that
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
La dee dah.

Jimmy leaves the stage and tells us to watch the video for the Johnny Carson piece. If you go, be sure to stay and watch this. Very nicely done and a great tribute to Carson. :)

Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw: this was recorded on video by the Margaritaville Shrimp bus and played with the lyrics below it, along with the bouncing ball (who is old enough to remember that!?!). The people I was going with had car trouble so I had to leave this area and go back to my hotel (in walking distance, of course!), evidently was taped shortly after I left...or I would have been there for it... :( My chance at fame. Toward the end of the video JB comes out and stands at the back on the set and is singing it to the "indoor lawn", the folks behind the stage.

La Vie Dansante! Great song, Jimmy was on stage during it, I guess singing backup. Riddles In The Sand!

Lighthouse? When he said James Taylor, I was hoping for Mexico, or better yet, Carolina In My Mind. I saw this live for the first time in about 1988 at East Carolina University show (Hot Water album tour). I don't think he has done it since his shows have been on RM, because I'd love a cood copy of it. I have a bad version of it he did in Chapel Hill in the mid-80s, and a weird version I think is from Key West when JB sounds like he has had a few drinks. Anyway, Lighthouse? I don't know it and it takes me (and the crowd) out of it. More Corona! :-? (last call was at 10:30pm), last trip.

Banana Republics! Again FANTASTIC! One of my favs, not for the crowd. I love this, Migration and Miss You So Badly. :D

Pencil Thin Mustache. OK, I can live without this one. I guess this is on "The Yellow Album". Crowd likes it.

Diamond As Big as The Ritz! Good song, very obscure for the crowd. Was hoping for something else from the Baromter Soup CD (the title song....)

It's 5 O Clock Somewhere. Of course-as I said to my friend, the new Margaritaville. Has to do it all the time now. Kind of like Darius Rucker (of the University of South Carolina's alums Hootie and the Blowfish) said of Hold My Hand, they have to play it at EVERY show. I see this as one of those songs. It appeals to the Margaritaville attitude for all the fans now with jobs and responsibilities.

Coast of Carolina...oh yes. This should be a single, along with Coastal Confessions. He did it last year (saw him in Columbia and Raleigh last year), but I did not know the words since it was new. He also did it at the Today Show when he was there last. Great song and appropriate for the state he was in.

Piece of Work. Eh. OK. I know it but there were better choices IMHO.

The Horizon Has Been Defeated. What?

One Particular Harbor. Yes, great crowd song.

Ia ora te natura
E mea arofa teie ao nei
Ia ora te natura
E mea arofa teie ao nei

Margaritaville. Of course, the Brand Name. Still love it after all these years. Crowd goes crazy.

Fins. Love it, even after all these years. I'm a LandShark too. Giant Inflatable flying shark comes out of one of the tunnels and floats around with little propellers.

Band Intros.....you know them. Wonder what Fingers is doing now?

Uncle Johns Band. OK for me, crowd starts for the exits. I'm not a DeadHead, I only know the GD's songs if Jimmy covers them.

Pirate Looks at 40. A classic, slows down the crowd. One of my favorites for personal reasons.... :lol:

All in all a good show for hard core fans and enough red meat for the masses who have jumped on the Buffett bandwagon in the past severl years. :D

Concert tour gear? Tons of it, inlcuding some cold weather kind of stuff. Many of the stands would not or could not take plastic, so if you want anything, better bring ca$h.

I saw several tickets for sale several hours ahead of the show. Not many, but some. Last year at Raleigh there were dozens and dozens of people who were trying to unload tickets right before showtime. I know I had one that I could not give away then. I guess word got back to The Man, and he is not coming to Raleigh this year. At least, not currently scheduled. Moral of the story: if he comes to your town, be sure to pack the place or he won't return. :cry:

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I agree with everything you said about the show last night. We also got tickets through the Gamecock club and had floor seats row 14. Seats were on the aisle and were dead center. My group had a blast. We all know all of the old stuff. When we heard Off to see the Lizard, me and my brother went nuts. It was awesome to hear so much of the old stuff. There was a couple beside me that looked confused with some of the songs. The lady asked me is this new, and I lauged and told her no, this is the stuff that got me hooked on Jimmy. I told her to go out and buy, A1A and Off to see the Lizard and a few more albums from back in the day and she will hear these songs. All and all I have to say I had best time. I also loved the Steve Spurrier sayings by jimmy and we also walked by the suite Spurrier was in. he was standing up next to his wife. He looked up and said hello coach, Go cocks, he smiled back at us and yelled GO COCKS!!! IT was great.

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Post by conched »

Welcome, Jim in Raleigh! Great, great synopsis of it all! Woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!

And yes, 53 pages is a lot for a setlist, A1AJay

This ranks as the #8 thread of ALL of them and it is only 3 days old.

8 26014 Columbia Show Set List

8 26062 Columbia Show Set List (15 mintues later!)

And it is still being viewed frequently. With posts like Jim's--- word spreads

1044 Replies is a lot too! There are a few with about 800 replies...Camden, Tampa, Hawaii. Buffettnews is handling more and more although it was slow to post during the show.

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Re: Columbia Show Set List

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Great set list but I didn't see the song that goes with the tour name: A Salty Piece of Land. Its a great song and I hope he does it in Charlotte Wed night!!!!!!
phjim wrote:The Colonial Center – Columbia, SC
A Salty Piece of Land Tour
Thursday February 17, 2005

Listen to the show live on Radio Margaritaville
and help us out with the Set List

Set List

Hot Hot Hot intro
Jungle Music intro

1 Time Loves A Hero
Jimmy says no new album to push, so they are playing a little of everything.
2 Off To See The Lizard
3 Hey Good Lookin
4 Presents to Send You
5 Life Is Just A Tire Swing
6 Come Monday
7 Last Mango In Paris for Captain Tony
8 Trip Around The Sun
9 Woman Goin Crazy on Caroline Street
10 License To Chill
11 Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
12 Cheeseburger In Paradise
13 Volcano
14 Rap Top Day...mentioning all the places on the way down to
15 Brown Eyed Girl

Tribute to Johnny Carson
Johnny: How do you break your leg three times in one year?
Jimmy: Very stupidly
Johnny: Do fishermen really have things in common?....
Jimmy: yes.... I guess ...their lies!
(Jimmy ran into Johnny Carson in Ambergris Cay)
Jimmy: Now, Johnny's favorite song with some help from some parrotheads out in the parking lot, etc
Carnac the Magnificent: Piggly Wiggly...describe Kermit's Wedding Night.

16 Why Don't We Get Drunk (parking lot crowd)
17 La Vie Dansante (Just the girls)
18 Lighthouse (a James Taylor song) there's a huge lighthouse on stage.
19 Banana Republics
20 Pencil Thin Mustache (Mac and Jimmy)
21 Diamond As Big As The Ritz
22 Five O'Clock Somewhere
23 Coast of Carolina
24 Piece of Work
25 The Horizon Has Been Defeated (a Jack Johnson song)
26 One Particular Harbour
27 Margaritaville

First Encore
28 Fins
Band intro with a Senior Moment
29 Uncle John's Band

Second Encore
30 A Pirate Looks At Forty