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Post by fresh.out.of.tunes »

I have always thought that it would be fun ot do a 'Desert Islands Favourite' list of my 10 favourite CD's, and I finally sat down to do it today. Well, I thought it might be hard to keep it under 10, so I decided I would settle for 20, but in the end, I came up with 30 I just couldn't live without. I wasn't going to include any Greatest Hits packages, just out of principle, but I ended up with a few anyway. Here they are (in no particular order):

1)Jimmy Buffett-Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes
2)Guess Who-American Woman
3)Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
4)Deep Purple-Machine Head
5)Steppenwolf-Greatest Hits (exception #1)
6)Eagles-Greatest Hits (exception #2)
7)Doucette-Mama Let Him Play
8)Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppellin 4 (the first CD I ever bought!)
9)Led Zeppelin-Houses Of The Holy
10)The Beatles-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
11)The Beatles-White Album
12)Heart-Dreamboat Annie
13)Supertramp-Crime Of The Century
14)Styx-Crystal Ball
15)Max Webster-Max Webster
16)Max Webster-A Million Vacations
17)Buddy Guy-Damn Right, I've Got The Blues
18)Three Crosses-Three Crosses
19)Bryan Adams-Reckless
20)Rick Springfield-Living In Oz
21)Henry Lee Summer-Henry Lee Summer
22)Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band-Night Moves
23)Queen-A Night At The Opera
24)Queen- Sheer Heart Attack
25)Foghat-Rock And Roll Outlaws
26)John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers-the 'Beano' Album
27)Little River Band-Little River Band
29)Alice Cooper-Love It To Death
30)Huey Lewis And The News-Sports

Whew! There are so many more- lots more Jimmy Buffett, more Zep, the Stones, more Beatles, more Styx, Blue Oyster Cult, Trooper, more LRB, more Huey Lewis, more Eagles, I find it tough.
I know nobody here really cares what my fave albums might be, but I started this thread to see what some of the rest of you might listen to, so if you're inclined, go for it and make your own list-I for one would love to read your replies! Do like me and TRY to stay away from the greatest hits compilations if you can.

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fresh.out.of.tunes wrote:8)Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppellin 4 (the first CD I ever bought!)
9)Led Zeppelin-Houses Of The Holy
10)The Beatles-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
11)The Beatles-White Album
12)Heart-Dreamboat Annie
I feel ya... these albums would be hard to be without. I have to think awhile before I compile my list.
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Great list, I have about 15 of them. Might take a while to compose my favorite 30.
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Post by unclejohn »

I will have to think about it for a while to come up with my list.
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Post by CaptainP »

I'd also have to think about it....but.....ONLY ONE BUFFETT?

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Post by fresh.out.of.tunes »

Here's the deal, Capt., ALL my Buffett (A1A, Pink Crustacean, One Particular Harbour, etc., the list is long!) should be on the list, as you see by my footnote after the list. The weird thing is that as you can see from my list, Jimmy's style of music doesn't really jive with the rest of it in a way. I kind of lean towards classic rock, but since Margaritaville hit the airwaves all those years ago, Jimmy has been and REMAINS my favourite singer/songwriter of all time. If I included all his albums on the list, I would have had to make it more in the vicinity of 40 albums, so it was a tough call!

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Post by phenwayparrothead »

Floridays- Jimmy Buffett
Christmas Island- Jimmy Buffett (Gotta be able to throw myself a little xmas party 8) )
A1A- Jimmy Buffett
Graceland- Paul Simon
Remember these to things- Dave Matthews Band
Mud on the Tires- Brad Paisley
Legend- Bob Marley
The stranger- Billy Joel
The Best of Vol 1- Van Morrison
Sweet Baby James- James Taylor
Brushfire Fairytales- Jack Johnson
Bang Bang- Dispatch
semi true stories- Mac
when the sun goes down- Kenny Chesney
centerfield- john fogerty

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Post by case »

1-a white sport coat,
2- changes
3- A1A
4- Havana
5- Barometer Soup
6- John Hiatt- Anthology
7- Eric Clapton- 461 Ocean Blvd
8- The pogues- Red Roses for me
9- The pogues- Rum Sodomy and the Lash
10-The pogues- If i should fall from grace with god
11- The Pogues- Hells Ditch
12- Shane McGowan- Crock of Gold
12-Black 47- Live in NY
13- Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabys
14- Flogging MOlly- Within a Mile of home
15- Gaelic Storm- How are we getting home?
17- Great Big Sea- Live
18- Great Big Sea- Sea of No Cares
19- Great big sea- Rant and Roar
20- Dave Matthews- under the table & dreaming
21- Rory Ghallagor- Against the grain
22-AC/DC- Back in Black
23- Nirvana- Unplugged
24- Warren Zevon- Very Best
25-Little Feat- waiting for columbus
26- Gov mule- Deja Voodo
27- Notorious BIG- life after death
28- DBT- Southern Rock Opera
29-John Hiatt- beneath this gruff ext
30- Mark Knofler- Sailing to Phil

that was alot...
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Post by Jahfin »

I never really understood the desert island thing. If you're on a deserted island there isn't going to be a way to listen to CDs. Plus, as much as I love music, I'd be much more concerned about getting off of the island.

That said, here's 30 of my favorite albums (in no particular order):

David Lindley and El Rayo-X El Rayo-X
Beatles Hey Jude (aka The Beatles Again)
Waylon Jennings Honky Tonk Heroes
John Prine Sweet Revenge
Emmylou Harris Elite Motel
Leon Russell Hank Wilson's Back Vol. 1
Lynyrd Skynyrd Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd
Guy Clark Texas Cookin'
R.E.M. Reconstruction of the Fables of the Reconstruction
Whiskeytown Strangers Almanac
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
Led Zeppelin Presence
Alice Cooper Killer
Jimmy Buffett A1A
Drive By Truckers Gangstabilly
Slobberbone Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today
The Gourds Bolsa de Aqua
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Goose Creek Symphony Tales from Goose Creek and Other Important Places
Earl Scruggs Revue Live! From Austin City Limits
Steve Earle Train A'Comin'
Backsliders Live from Raleigh, NC
Trailer Bride Whine de Lune
Southern Culture on the Skids Dirt Track Date
Leon Russell and Marc Beno Asylum Choir II
The Replacements Let It Be
Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker
Little Feat Waitin' For Columbus
Various Artists The Harder They Come

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