Michael McCloud

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Michael McCloud

Post by PeretHed66 »

I know there are some McCloud fans on the board. If you are, I would highly recommend you get down to Key West sometime in the near future; we spent 4 days down there last week, and noticed that he is toting around a portable oxygen setup. After he finished each day's set, he strapped on the tubes as he left. On the last day we were there, he cut his last set about 15 minutes short, he was feeling light headed (of course, that didn't stop him from smoking and drinking throughout). Got to wonder how much longer he will be there.

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Re: Michael McCloud

Post by popcornjack »

He's had the oxygen on and off for a while. I haven't seen him with it for a while, and he actually looks better now than he did late last year (although I admit that isn't saying much.) And don't let that big plastic mug fool you. It's iced tea.
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Re: Michael McCloud

Post by catsway »

We are hurrying as fast as we can! July 17 we'll be on island. Jack, can we get another round of the espresso vodka shots?
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Re: Michael McCloud

Post by ScarletB »

Oh that would be a shame, he's such a fixture there!
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Re: Michael McCloud

Post by Crazy Navy Flyer »

I expect to be there early August, he didn't look well last time I saw him in 2011.
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Re: Michael McCloud

Post by RinglingRingling »

but thru the trials and troubles, his sunny, upbeat personality shines like a beacon.

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