Mindbender #1233

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Mindbender #1233

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Six percent of people have put off breaking up with someone for this reason.

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Re: Mindbender #1233

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share a pet


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Re: Mindbender #1233

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illness.. 8)
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Re: Mindbender #1233

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Holiday was coming up (Valentines, Christmas, whatever) and they did not want to be seen as breaking up with someone to get out of buying/giving a gift.
Conversely, they wanted to use the upcoming holiday to milk the soon-to-be ex-romantic interest for all they could get first.
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Re: Mindbender #1233

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No one else would want them

They are part of a human centipede (No, I did not watch that movie, but I know about it)
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Re: Mindbender #1233

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S/he's their ride to work
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