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You can join at anytime and you will be randomly placed on a team


A. General Overview
1. You will be playing the game and being surveyed at the same time. All survey answers will come from Members.

2. This series will have fifty (50) questions. The questions will be posted in groups of five (5). Answers are not to be posted in this thread. Answers can be submitted in the following ways:
  • Send your answers via the BuffettNews e-mail function by clicking here , or by clicking the e-mail button at the bottom of my posts. This will go into my e-mail inbox and will be much easier to keep track of responses, especially for this series. Only your BN username and reply-to email will appear in the e-mail I receive.
  • Send your answers via Private Message
In the subject field, enter "group #", where "#" would be the group number of questions to which you're responding. This helps to ensure I don't miss your response.

3. Only the top eight (8 ) answers can receive points. The points a player is awarded will be based on the rank of an answer. If six answers make the board, the #1 answer will be worth 6 points. If only 3 answers make the board, the #1 answer is worth 3 points. The last answer on the board will always be worth 1 point.

4. One answer per question. Try to be as specific and descriptive as possible in your answer, if you can't use only one word in your answer, you might have to re-think your answer, but it depends on the question. Try to avoid using the word "and", slashes (\)(/), commas (,), and parenthesis(()) in your answers. This has made it difficult to judge in the past. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. If it looks like there is more than one (1) answer for a single question, it could be subject to the fool button and thrown out to the port of INDECISION, which may or may not be your problem.

5. A deadline will be imposed for the groups of questions. It will be 24 (twenty-four) hours from the time the group is posted. This gives all BN'ers a time frame of 1 day to check for new questions. I have accepted late answers in the past if I was running late with results, but if I've done the results already, I can't accept your submission.

6. This will be one big BN poll, in a way. :lol:

7. In order for an answer to be eligible for points, it must appear at least 2 times in the survey. In other words, if only one person said a certain answer, it won't be worth any points. Again though, only the top 8 answers can appear on the board, so it is still possible for 2 people to say the same thing but nor receive any points.

8. If you'd like to contribute answers but do not wish to compete or be on the leader board, send your answers and after the "group #" put "OPT-OUT"

9. After you have sent your answers, please post in this thread telling me that you have submitted your answers. I have missed peoples answers in the past, so just post "sent " in this thread to help me verify that I'm not missing anybody.

10. If you are still wondering how this all works, click here to see an example of this format. This link will take you to where a new group of questions were posted. Read through it and get to page 14 to see the results of that group.

11. If you dispute a result or decision, you are entitled to discuss it either openly in the thread, or privately. Any changes in the leaderboard will be announced publicly.

12. Honesty policy and Feud Fraud: Please keep your answers within your team until the results are posted. Sharing your answers with others in a different team before they are sent is collusion and is the same as cheating. Please keep it fair for all involved and don't commit Feud Fraud.

13 Absentee Ballots: If you know you are going to be away for more than a day but you really want to get your answers in, please send me a PM. We have been able to make arrangements in the past, so we'll do our best to accommodate you.

B. Team Format
1. For this Series, follow all above guidelines. Everybody will be sending their own answers in individually. Players will have an individual score, and a team score. You can discuss your answers at any time within your team, but its not required. There are no rules governing the content of the teams answers like in the last team format. Meaning all the answers for a team could be the same, all different, or any combination in between. This means collaboration with teammates before every round of questions is not required. Team scores will be the average of all the team's individual scores.

2. Please inform me if you would like to give your team a name other than the default letter it was given. Also, the logos in the last team format made things fun as well.

C. Practice Questions
1. From time to time, I'll be posting Practice Questions in the thread. These will never be worth any points, and results will never be tallied. It is meant to keep the thread fun, keep your brain in feud shape, and kill time while waiting for official results. These answers are allowed to be posted publicly. Since the point of Feud is to think of the single best answer, individuals may post only one answer per practice question. Practice questions will be labeled PQ and will always be in blue.

Rules and guidelines summary: Send in your answers and wait for the results and next group of questions; repeat.

D. Fun Polls

1. This is a new dynamic just to add fun and variety to the game. You can find results of the fun polls directly below the list of teams.


Team A
6. carolinagirl
18. pair8head
22. buffettbride
27. PHAW Webmistress
30. shakerofsalt

Team B
8. txaggirl91
24. Capt.Flock
34. Dezdmona
57. kitty

Team C
12. Pleasin & Teasin
14. Tarheel Tail-Gator
41. MrBill64
51. sunseeker

Team D
15. NHPhan
23. Bring Back the Magic
35. ~Hippolyte~
49. eli7160
67. AmerigoJoe
71. BHAkeet00

Team E
19. C-Dawg
20. conched
21. tikitatas
46. owbishop
62. missingthebeach

Team F
26. LIPH
40. docandjeanie
47. WI_Fruitcake
50. oph
69. magnus & Mr Moon

Team G
11. nutmeg
16. Grams
25. surfpirate
56. pojo
65. KeetAtHeart

Team H
33. Snowparrot
53. comemonday
60. jonesbeach10
9. chippewa

Team I
10. alphabits
37. OttoCal
4. ejr
42. Dally
68. beachbum13

Team J
13. Conolulu
54. ConchRepublican
61. brahmafear
63. ph4life
29. pbans

Team K
1. Hockey Mon
17. caly
2. z-man
52. Glorfindel7
59. ph4ever

Team L
28. dnw
38. Crzy
45. Marnin Grita Guy
58. irishcajunphan
66. dean_siu

Team M
32. parrothead3282
39. popcornjack
5. PIA
55. BFinnsUp
64. Mon

Team N
31. f2cdlzrd
43. gingerbreadman
44. BahamaBreeze
48. SharkOnLand
70. smokindave

Fun Poll Results:

Name a good job for someone who likes to travel.
The family feud software game had flight attendant as #1, and BNers agreed with 50% of the vote.

Pick the #2 answer: Name something a professional mover might complain about while on the job.
"Back Hurts" was the #2 answer, and most BNers agreed. "Heavy stuff" was the #1 answer, and nobody picked it.

Pick the answer that does not appear on the board: Name a food many people have in their freezer right now.
Bread was the answer that was not on the board, and a majority (32%) of those surveyed agreed. Ice cream was the #1 answer on the board, but 14% of those surveyed thought it did not belong on the board.

Pick the question for which these answers appear: Bikini, Blue Jeans, Mini-Skirt
Something you would never see a mother wear to her daughters wedding was the answer, and a majority (50%) of those surveyed agreed.

Pick the #1: Name something that is often served with spaghetti.
Meatballs was the #1 answer, and a majority (55%) of those surveyed agreed. You just can't fool these BNers, not one poll wrong yet!

If you are unfamiliar with BN Feud, it is a simple game fashioned after the game show "Family Feud". Check out the previous threads to get familiarized.

Feud I Feud II Feud III Feud IV Feud V Feud VI Feud VII Feud VIII Feud IX

If you would like to join the campaign to bring in new players, feel free to use the following banners in your signature. Copy the code below to place a link in your signature.

Code: Select all

It will look like this, and link back to this page.

Choose from any of these great looking banners. Simply change the code above by adding the corresponding number right after "playbnfeud" (playbnfeud1.gif....playbnfeud2.gif)

7.Image :wink:
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Re: BN Feud X

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Now here is something we can all agree on! Let's play the Feud!!![smilie=pimp.gif]

I can't believe I'm first in something...

I'm number 1! I'm number 1! Until the game starts.

Go Team K! We rocK inKredibly!

Ha ha. First to last in record time...
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Image Image Image

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You think six months is a long time to wait for the Feud, try that in dog years!

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(perhaps my 2 all time favorite strips)



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surfpirate wrote:(perhaps my 2 all time favorite strips)
And hopefully more to come as you find more Feud related material in this next series! :D

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[smilie=happydance.gif] [smilie=happydance.gif] [smilie=happydance.gif] [smilie=happydance.gif]

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I've never played.....maybe it's time.
Paige in Utah
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No teams this time? [smilie=battingeyes.gif]

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Instant boobies!

Image Image

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so my sig line should look like this?
Take me for what I am, a star newly emerging.
I accept the new found man, and I set the twilight reeling.

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Post by ejr »

Oh good! Another chance for me to wind up in the middle of the pack :D :D :D

Bring on the Feud!!!
"I finally know what Michael Jordan was talking about when he said he was 'in the zone'"
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I s*** at the Feud. I mean, even a college girl beat me.

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pbans wrote:I've never played.....maybe it's time.
It's time.

Yes We Can!

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ejr wrote:Oh good! Another chance for me to wind up in the middle of the pack :D :D :D

Bring on the Feud!!!
and me at the bottom :lol: :lol:

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PHAW Webmistress wrote:
ejr wrote:Oh good! Another chance for me to wind up in the middle of the pack :D :D :D

Bring on the Feud!!!
and me at the bottom :lol: :lol:
But aren't you always looking up at everyone else?

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ejr wrote:Oh good! Another chance for me to wind up in the middle of the pack :D :D :D

Bring on the Feud!!!
me too!!! I can't wait to see who I'm under this time......... :o :o :lol:


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I'm SO ready!!!!!!!!
I must be wishing on someone else's star....

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