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Re: JB on Vinyl

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I am only missing down to earth then my jb vinyl collection will be complete!
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Re: JB on Vinyl

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Tiki Torches wrote:
Dino69 wrote:Thanks mate, perhaps my copy made it's way from England. All my other early JB's are ABC Dunhill, although my Havana Daydreamin' isn't a gatefold (I think it came out as a gatefold) even though it's made from good early-mid 1970's thick cardboard stock.
I wish the MCA CD back catalogue had kept faithful to the original artwork and liner notes instead of the generic - original front cover but with the boring spine/back cover details (same goes for my Lynyrd Skynyrd CD's).
Havaña Daydreamin' is definitely a gatefold (artwork below courtesy of B u f f e t t World). When MCA acquired the catalog, they did away with the gatefolds for Buffett's and Skynyrd's albums (as well as any record that was packaged as a gatefold or two LP set). In regards to CD's, some of Skynyrd's original albums have been reissued as expanded deluxe editions with the original artwork restored. Why Buffett has never taken on such a project is a mystery as his back catalog is in dire need of the same treatment.
It's not Jimmy's fault - it's MCA's fault for not doing anything with his entire "MCA" catalogue!!!
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Re: JB on Vinyl

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Has anyone tried to look for JB's vinyl on second-hand shops?

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Re: JB on Vinyl

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Bufoo wrote:
May 31, 2018 7:22 am
Has anyone tried to look for JB's vinyl on second-hand shops?
I have collected many of his albums on vinyl over the years and have been able to find all of the following albums in actual record stores, not on Ebay:

A1A, Volcano, Havana Daydreamin', Coconut Telegraph and Son of a Son of a Sailor

.....but does anyone happen to know if Christmas Island was ever released as an LP? Haven't been able to find that anywhere.
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Re: JB on Vinyl

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I don't believe Christmas Island was issued on vinyl.
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