07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

Set lists from the 2014 tour (This One’s For You)

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Re: 07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

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chippewa wrote:
ejr wrote:ok, I know people think I am beating a dead horse, but I still hear no reference to next year. we're not done yet isn't the same as see you next year--perhaps after they cut the broadcast, but I am not hearing it.
In the Deadline Detroit video interview, he says "not touring as much" and "not as many big shows", but he also says "I'll always be working in some capacity."
Here is the link for anyone who missed it:

Jimmy Buffett Talks About His Fondness for Michigan and Detroit

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Re: 07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

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KeyLimin wrote:Really enjoyed watching Jimmy Buffett's Comerica Park concert LIVE on my computer via Margaritaville.tv ...and for free! Thanks, Jimmy! It was like having a front row seat at the concert and there was no line for the bathroom. :D
:o :D :o :D Nice to see you, Connie. And I agree, the tv coverages is great.

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Re: 07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

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Nice to see you too, Penny!!
Was my first time using Margaritaville TV. I was impressed.
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Re: 07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

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hey,guess who just here for the replay.....

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Re: 07.26.2014 - Detroit, MI

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LIPH wrote:I didn't think JT sounded too good.
Kinda thought the same thing. Looked to me like JT was horsing around with his guitar a bit much.....and I thought the tempo of the JT version was slower than what the CRB's usually is.....so maybe he was uncomfortable with that. Maybe the stadium effect had something to do with it? Have to agree while I was stoked JT showed up the end product didn't come off like I had hoped.

Kinda surprised no one here mentioned how Jimmy during introductions said Michael Utley on guitar................ :lol:
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