Favorite song from "Living & Dying In 3/4 Time"

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Favorite LADI34T song

Pencil Thin Mustache
Come Monday
Ringling Ringling
Brahma Fear
Livingstons Gone To Texas
The Wino And I Know
West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
Ballad Of Spider John
Gods Own Drunk
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Favorite song from "Living & Dying In 3/4 Time"

Post by CaptainP »

Tell me your favorite!!!
Tell me why???
These are getting tougher, aren't they?
Wino you know
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Post by Wino you know »

Wino you know loves The Wino And I Know.

And yes, they're getting tougher.
Not looking forward to the NEXT one. :wink:
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Post by GumboPirate »

Ballad of Spider John for me. Like the story of the song...after all Spider is kind of like a land pirate.
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Post by Conolulu »

Always has been...and always will be....

"Come Monday"....for me. 8)
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Post by PIA »

i had a hard time choosing between spider john and the wino and i know...

they are two of my favorite songs...
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Post by popcornjack »

VERY TOUGH. West Nashville is one of my favorites because he says so much with so few lines, but Wino is just one that has always resonated with me.
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Post by jonesbeach10 »

As much as I love Come Monday, it's gotta be Wino & I Know. I am just tryin to get by, being quiet and shy, in a world full of pushing and shove...

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we see who and what and where we are,
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Post by LIPH »

I was trying to go with only songs Buffett wrote, but Spider John is such a great song I had to pick that.
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Post by CaptainP »

I love the melody in "Wino"
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Post by SMLCHNG »

Come Monday - One of the 'standards' for me.. lots of good memories, and I'll always love this one. :D
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Post by pbans »

Ringling, Ringling.....because imagine all the heartache and tears in twenty-seven years of beer.....
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Post by Carolinadreamin' »

The Wino and I know and Come Monday are my favs...but I chose Wino because that's the one I like to play first when I put this CD on. :D
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Post by pojo »

Ballad of Spider John.... don't push your dreams to fast.

Close second West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown (Boat Drunks fabulous cover!)
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Post by Docktails at 5 »

I would love if he ever did West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gowns in concert. It's my second favorite of all time.
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Post by ragtopW »

West Nashville..... the Story is among the very best that Jimmy tells
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Post by conched »

Wino and I Know. Title is great, lyrics introspective of the good ole down to earth things in our lives. Percussion and pedal steel give it that country sound. The special percussion sounds...

I'm just tryin' to get by being quiet and shy;

Living my life like a song.

This song also makes me think of New Orleans The Cafe DuMond and Jimmy's mentors and friends there and other places.
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Post by VB for Buffett »

A hard one but I will have to go with Spider John
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Post by SchoonerWharf »

ragtopW wrote:West Nashville..... the Story is among the very best that Jimmy tells
Its brilliant songwriting. Short simple and to the point and tells a great story. Love it.

Gods Own Drunk and Ballad of Spider John are my two least favorite songs ever. Rather listen to anything else.
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Post by caly »

Come Monday and Wino are about even for me........but I gave it to Come Monday because it goes back much further for me.
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Post by YuppieParrothead »

West Nashville. Barely over Come Monday and Wino. Come Monday introduced me to Jimmy's music and was a favorite for years. Like anything else, hearing a song 5000 times takes some of the luster off of it I guess.
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