Buffett Question

How much do you know about Jimmy? There's probably something you don't know.

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Buffett Question

Post by Frank4 »

Does anyone know how Bono wound up on the plane with Jimmy when they were shot at by the Jamicians? I have always wondered and never heard Jimmy say a word about it....
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Post by flipflopgirl »

they were going to lunch....not sure how they ended up together! :lol:
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Re: Buffett Question

Post by ASaltyPieceOfLand »

According to some articles they were going to GoldenEye, the place Chris Blackwell bought that was formerly owned by Ian Fleming, which is in Oracabessa in St Mary Parish, east of Ocho Rios - no where near West End as articles somehow tend to say. Yet from most articles that mention a place they always say they went to Negril, which is in West End.

The Caves, a resort that Blackwell owns, is in West End, and is south/southwest of Negril. Perhaps they've confused it with GoldenEye with that but it's simple geography.

U2 was still signed to Island Records. It's possible Bono was taking a break from working on U2's Pop album in Miami. Blackwell and Buffett may have been talking business since Buffett signed to Blackwell's Island Records in 1998. Jimmy was near the end of his MCA deal in 1996, the xmas album being the last one of the deal.
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Re: Buffett Question

Post by atmarler26 »

This is a random Buffett question I always had (has nothing to do with Jamaica Mistaica, but didn't know what other thread to post it in...)

Has Jimmy ever played a concert on the actual day of Halloween? I've looked through a lot of old setlists over the years and haven't been able to find one. I know October dates are usually reserved for shows out west in locations like Vegas and Colorado but haven't found one on the actual day. When he played Seattle on 10/23/2012 he mentioned the holiday- "Halloween crowd"- several times during the introductions to songs. That was a great show.

Regarding JM, I remember reading a review of another 2012 show where the reviewer said playing Jamaica Mistaica was a "low point" in the setlist. Couldn't believe it! It's a great song and always look forward to hearing it. When he played Jamaica Mistaica at the Charleston show in 2017, that was special. Wouldn't say it's actually one of my top 10 favorite Buffett songs, but definitely in the top 20 or 25.
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Re: Buffett Question

Post by lime rickie »

Jamaica Mistaica is another one that grew on me. Didn't hate it, just meh for the longest time.

Now I really enjoy it. And love the story.

Has Bono ever commented on it?
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