Jokelben History and Information - Updated 07-16-2021

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Jokelben History and Information - Updated 07-16-2021

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With the 2020 concert season not taking place and now some of the early 2021 Tour dates being either rescheduled or cancelled I thought now would be a could time an update and refresher on the jokelben server.

A little history of the server...

The jokelben sever that was originally created by another member of this site about 12 or 13 years ago, the server was an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server with just audio recordings of the concerts available. The member of this site who created the server ran into issues with the company hosting the FTP server. A couple of other incidents that happened with the original jokelben server included someone who tried to convert the servers contents from MP3 format to AAC (Apple Audio Codec) format. We also had someone upload a large number of viruses to to the server one one occasion.

The issues between the original owner and his hosting company lead to BN member Sunlover creating a back up or second version of the server at a cloud hosting service called pCloud, presently Sunlover's backup server is now the primary and only version of jokelben online. Sunlover's version of the server is formally called Jokelben 2.0 and more recently he has added Jokelben 2.1 this was done to ease bandwidth issues with Jokelben 2.0

The server currently contains a large number of both audio and video recordings of Jimmy concerts that have either been streamed live online or in some cases the recordings are from older bootlegs of Jimmy Buffett's shows.

Jimmy Buffett has been live audio streaming his concerts since March 1999 on Radio Margaritaville and starting in 2014 he began video streaming his shows on Margaritaville TV, both Radio Margaritaville and Margaritaville TV streaming is free online.

Radio Margaritaville has been available via Sirius/XM Satellite Radio since 2005

Each time a show is streamed live Sunlover captures (records) both the audio stream from Radio Margaritaville and the video stream from Margaritaville TV. After the live show has ended Sunlover divides the audio recording into individual mp3 files and uploads them to a folder on the server. The video capture is converted into an mp4 file and then uploaded to the server. The server has separate directories for audio and video recordings.

Once the recordings are uploaded Sunlover posts a page to this forum to let users know the show is available for downloading

Radio Margaritaville also streams Concert Replays of shows they have copies of including a number of shows from before 1999 as a result the Jokelben server has a large collection of concert mp3's dating as far back as 1974. Sunlover also captures or records the concert replays so as to upgrade any lower quality recordings with better quality copies.

Sunlover and myself are the caretakers if you will of the server and its contents which include several hundred complete concert audio recordings and more than 100 concert videos.

Here are the statistics of what is on the server:

Audio Recordings - 780 (In mp3 format*)
Video Recordings - 116 (live stream recordings)
Video Replay Recordings - 36 (older shows streamed on Margaritaville TV)
Tour Compilations Audio Recordings - 17 (starting with the 2002 tour)

Sunlover and I have dealt with a number of different issues regarding content on the server, including concerts being sold commercially on sites like eBay and others. More recently we have been dealing with the posting of recordings from the server to YouTube, this includes complete concert audio and in at least one case a full concert video. This lead to Sunlover posting a note/disclaimer on about using the recordings uploaded to Jokelben in such away. Sunlover also had to state that the individual who is doing the posting is not affiliated in any with the ownership and or operation of Jokelben

*Note on Audio recordings on the server:

While the majority of the concert audio recordings are in mp3 format there are a few on the server that are in other audio formats. The reason that these non MP3 shows are on the server goes back to the early days of jokelben's existence when it was an open FTP server. When the server was an open FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server uploads could be done by anyone who had shows and wanted to add them to the collection. The openness of the original server resulted in the uploading shows by users of the server that preferred audio formats other than MP3. These other formats include:

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
WAV (Waveform Audio File Format),
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
MP4 (MPEG-4).

The total number of non MP3 shows on the server is just 21 but I wanted to post a list of those so users of the server will know they are there. There are also 2 shows on the server in both MP3 and WMA format. At some point Sunlover plans to convert the Non mp3 shows to mp3 format

Here is the list of the Non MP3 format shows:

Flac Format:
1998.11.25 - Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY Solo
2003.12.05 - Margaritville Cafe KW
2005.07.24 - Martha Clara Vineyard, Riverhead, NY

MP4 Format:
2000.08.19 - Cincinnati, OH
2003.04.19 - Nashville, TN
2004.01.22 - Las Vegas Margaritaville
2004.01.22 - Las Vegas Poolside

WAV Format:
2004.11.23 - Orlando WAV Format Files

WMA Format:
2000.06.22 - Burgettstown, PA
2001.03.17 - San Jose, CA
2001.11.14 - Columbus OH,
2002.05.02 - Margaritaville Cafe New Orleans
2002.06.18 - Cincinnati OH
2002.06.20 - Chicago, IL
2002.06.22 - Chicago, IL
2002.08.20 - Pittsburgh, PA
2002.08.22 - Indianapolis, IN
2002.08.24 - Alpine Valley, WI
2005.08.31 - Indianapolis, IN

Shows in both WMA and MP3:
2002.04.13 Nashville, TN
2002.04.20 Greensboro, NC

To view a complete list of the complete show audio recordings on jokelben click here:

Complete Audio Show List

I have also created and maintain a list of shows we do not have on the server but would like to have:

Jokelben Want List

For anyone who is interested the bit rates of the concert audio recordings I maintain the following list:

Audio Recording Bit Rates

There are also several special items on the sever including:

Boats,Beaches,Bars & Ballads (LIVE) - a live version of Jimmy's 1992 Box Set compiled from the live shows on the server
Church of Buffett, Orthodox's From The Vault - A collection of rare Buffett songs originally available on the Church of Buffett Orthodox website
Cocktails at Sunrise - a bootleg CD that has been available for many years
Fruitcakes on RM - Sunlover has been recording and posting the broadcasts of this show from RM (72 recordings)
Margaritaville Cafe Compilation - 70 songs from many different Margaritaville Cafe shows over the years
Marvin Gardens Alive and Pickin'- another collection of rare songs from another long defunct Buffett website
Odds and Ends - A 3 volume collection of rare and hard to find Buffett recordings originally circulated as 3 CD bootleg
RM Radio Specials - 5 special album release shows that aired on RM starting with the album License to Chill in 2004
Second Wind - Four song collection of demo songs that were recorded for the album Havana Daydreaming
Tour Compilations - Compilations of songs from the 2002 tour to the present
Treasure Box 2.0 - A massive collection of 120+ rare and hard to find Buffett recordings divided into 10 categories.

To see the list of concert videos available on the jokelben server click the link below:

Concert Video List

BN member Sunlover has been posting show downloads in this forum since the 2008 tour, this has resulted in a large number of posts to this forum. As a result of the volume of posts I have created a download page index which can be found here:

Concert Download Posts Index

To access jokelben please visit the following link and become a member (membership is FREE)

Jokelben Server Homepage

Once you have become a jokelben member you will be emailed the password to the server itself. Passwords for the server should not be distributed anywhere including here on Buffettnews.

Jimmy Buffett concert audio and video recordings are now being offered on, I have posted a list of the shows on nugs here:

Buffett Shows on Nugs

:D :D
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Re: Jokelben History and Information - Updated 05-21-2021

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Updated with some minor updates regarding the number of shows available on jokelben
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Re: Jokelben History and Information - Updated 05-21-2021

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Ok, so I guess I need a physical address where I can send you guys several cases of beer... :lol:

Seriously, URLCenter & Sunlover, THANK YOU for all you do!

If you ever feel the need for donations to keep the lights on, hit me up first!

You guys are the best. :D

Phins & Grins,

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