Radio Margaritaville web player issue

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Radio Margaritaville web player issue

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For anyone who has experienced connection issues with Radio Margaritaville via the online stream (not Sirius XM) either through or there is a peculiar issue with the web player using either Google Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

For several days I was not able to connect to RM through Google Chrome and each time I tried I received a message about "Too Many Redirects" and below that a second message that reads "Try Clearing Your Cookies" well I did that in Google Chrome and nothing changed. So my next step was to trying connecting to RM using MS-Edge from either of the websites I mentioned above and I got the same two error messages so I cleared the cookies in Edge and RM seemed to work but only for a short time. The same thing happend a couple of times with Google Chrome it would work but only for a short time.

I decided to get to the bottom of the issue and discovered that the web player does not uses a secure connection when it connects to RM. So I tried setting special permissions for both and to enable the connections to RM but nothing worked.

Finally after much frustration I found the solution for both browsers, which requires turning off just one setting for RM to work correctly. Both Browsers have a default setting that causes the browser to connect to websites using what is called Secure DNS. Secure DNS means that the browsers will only connect to websites that have "https://" at the start of their website address instead of the older "http://" which has been the standard for years. The aformentioned default setting is set to on when the browser is first installed or updated this is true for both Chrome and Edge.

By turning this setting of in both browsers the web player connection to RM works just fine now.

For anyone wants to try this here are the steps for both browsers:

For Chrome:

Open Google Chrome.
Click/tap on the Customize and control Google Chrome (3 dots) button at the top right, and click/tap on Settings.
Click/tap on Privacy and security in the left pane, and click/tap on Security under Privacy and security in the right pane.
Under the Advanced section, turn off Use secure DNS
You can now close the Settings - Security tab if you like.

For MS Edge:

Open Microsoft Edge.
Click/tap on the Settings and more (Alt+F) 3 dots menu icon.
Click/tap on Settings
Click/tap on Privacy, search, and services in the left pane.
Turn off Use secure DNS to specify how to lookup the network address for websites on the right side under Security.
You can now close the Settings tab in Microsoft Edge if you like.
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