Tonight's video stream from Las Vegas

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Tonight's video stream from Las Vegas

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Reminder, tonights show is being streamed on on both Radio Margaritaville and Margaritaville TV.

There is only one official link to stream the concert video and that is

There are already several scam links posted to Youtube claiming to be the official video link for tonight's show. These link require clicking a redirect link which will take you to site outside of Youtube. The sites are not owned or operated by either Youtube or Jimmy Buffett. These sites will require you to sign up to watch the concert video, signing up may include a requested for credit card info and payment. These sites may infect your devices with viruses, spyware or malware none which is good.

Remember: Jimmy never charges for the streams on either RM or Margaritaville TV

Again these links are in no way affiliated with Jimmy and his crew or YouTube. Also the number of these links posted to Youtube will likely increase as the day goes on. The night of the show in Hollywood, FL there were 40 such links on Youtube before the show began
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