Jimmy meets crowd night before Today Show

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Jimmy meets crowd night before Today Show

Post by nycparrothead »

Here's the summary of the events leading up to, during, and after Jimmy Buffett meeting the crowd the night before the Today Show. These are the events from my tunnel visioned perspective and if anyone else that was there remembers any other details please share.......

At somewhere between 8 and 9 pm on Thursday night, there were around 15-20 of us sitting on the sidewalk on 48th street in our chairs and drinking our beverages of choice (Carrot Juice mostly I'm sure) chit chatting and preparing for the 12 hour wait before we would be corralled into the stables to watch Jimmy perform for the Today Show. All of a sudden a black SUV (an Escalade maybe?) pulled up. No one gave it much notice (including myself). Jimmy emerged and as he walked up to the sidewalk he said "Hey! What are ya'll waitin' for anyway?" At that point all you could see was dropped jaws and bugged out eyeballs. People began jumping up and down yelling "Oh my god, oh my god" etc... He posed for several group pictures and signed whatever we could think of to give him (many of us used dollar bills as that's all we could think of that we had). My brother was on his way there from Upstate but was still an hour away so I called him and held the phone up to Jimmy's ear while he signed my dollar and Jimmy said hello to him.
After 3 or 4 minutes 3 security officers escorted Jimmy back to the SUV. Before getting in, he posed for 3 or 4 more pictures with people. As he got in one of the guys with us yelled "We'll see you in Boston next month!" Jimmy replied "I'll be there!" After he got in he rolled the window down and gave a "Fins to the Right" as he was driven away. I think it was a good 4 or 5 minutes after that that any of us were able to say anything outside of "Oh my god, we just met Jimmy Buffett!" Then we all called everyone we knew from our cell phones for the next half hour.
I didn't realize until several minutes afterwards that a lady that was there from Miami, that I am now eternally grateful to, snapped a picture of me holding my cell phone to Jimmy's ear. This picture is in my avatar and can can be seen here -----> http://www.buffettfan.net/albums/album4 ... .sized.jpg
I gave my e-mail to the pholks that took the other pics and they said they would send them. I will share them with you all as soon as they arrive.
Thought you all might like that story as it symbolizes just how awesome Parrotheads are and how awesome Jimmy really is!
One last thing. I think I've found my latest addiction here at BN. I look forward to talking to other people that are as nuts as myself! Sail on Sailors!

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That's just the BEST story, NYCP!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! 8) :D 8) :D

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Post by East Texas Parrothead »

wQs. You're one lucky parrothead!!!! WTG!!!!

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Post by TMHB »

That is the best story I ever heard!

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Post by margaritagrl26 »

How awesome is that!

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WoW :o :o :o I am not worthy, that is AWSOME!! 8)
and Jimmy theres still so much to be done...
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Post by SmartWomaninShortSkirt »

I'm SOOO jealous! I was there but got there around 2:30 so missed out BIG time. :cry: :cry:
Maybe it's good - I don't know how I would've reacted if he came over - probably would've said something really stupid, not that I'd care! :D
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Post by sirgumby77 »

Wow If that happened to me I could die happy. I have already met one of the greatest guitar gods ever---Eric Clapton. When ever he is in chicago his last night of the show--He always goes to Buddy Guys legends afterwards. Well I went with a guy from work, we sat at Buddy Guys from like 330pm to 230am. Happened on Good Friday a few years ago, we both told our boss that we were taking the day off work, and going to pay homage to Buddy Guy.

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Post by nycparrothead »

TMHB wrote: Don't forget to stop by the Margaritaville topless bar in the Mansfield parkinglot. Always at the Thursday show. DJ and all!!
I'll be at the Thursday show TMHB. I think I might have to check out your bar!!

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Hey NYC - got any more pics of it you could post?!
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Post by bcbuffett44 »

Wow...that's just....wow
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Post by Tiki Bar »

Good for you nycph! GREAT story! And how nice of the lady to snap your picture and email it to you! Parrot heads rock!

And how cool of Jimmy!!!!!!!! Priceless!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Post by ngaparrothead »

That is a great, great story! Lucky dog. :wink: Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

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Man that is awesome. Someday, I'll meet him.. i hope

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Post by nycparrothead »

Key Lime Lee wrote:Hey NYC - got any more pics of it you could post?!
Most of the people that took pictures went to the Southampton show yesterday. They are heading back to Boston today so hopefully I'll be getting the pics soon. I'll put them up as soon as I get them.

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Post by iuparrothead »

How exciting NYCPH!!! I would be buying a very nice dinner for the lady that snapped that pic of you and JB...if I were you of course! :wink:
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Post by Gardner McKay, Jr. »

Thanks for sharing NYCPH. What a joyful happening
that must have been. Bubba's the best! As always, G.M.,Jr.
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Post by lindsay »

All I can say is Thank you for sharing. Your so lucky and we are so lucky you would share that moment with us.Of course Jimmy is awesome and so are you. :D :wink:

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WOW!!! :o I got chills reading that story!! That is so awesome! You are one lucky Parrothead!! Congrats!! And thanks for sharing that awesome story with us!! :D
Maybe later...
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Post by jollymon »

All I can say is "how 'bout that!"

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