Phin Power for My Mom Please - UPDATE PAGE 3

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Phin Power for My Mom Please - UPDATE PAGE 3

Post by Jodibug »

Hi all!

My mom was hospitalized this morning; they thought it was due to a stroke. It turns out it was a seizure.

She is set for an MRI tomorrow. Possible causes: epilepsy, aneruism (spelling), scar tissue from previous mini-strokes or a tumor.

Even my dad said to me tonight "Oh God, not another tumor" . . . they were there for me during Steve's 4/12 month battle with his brain tumor.

Any prayers you can send out is deeply appreciated. I know it is asking alot as many of you don't know me. My mom is my best friend and so full of life . . . just typing that brought a smile to my face.

Love to you and yours!
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Post by Karacal »

Tons of phin power and prayers for you, your Mom, and family!!!!!!

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Post by pbans »

Lots of good thoughts and phinpower headed your way......
I'm sorry you're going through this..... :cry:
Paige in Utah
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Post by blackjack »

Phin Power to your Mom!

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Post by rumdrinks »

Prayears are coming your way tonite.
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Phin Power

Post by BFinnsUp »


Phin Power to your mom
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Post by Elrod »

((((Jodi & Mom))))
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Post by nutmeg »

Oh Jodi! :(

You've got my very best phin power on the way to your mom.

((Jodibug, Mom, Dad))
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Post by tikitatas »

Dear Bug,

ANYTHING you want or need, you GOT it. Heaps of prayers and phin power for your precious mom.

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Post by VanillaGrl »

Lots of good thoughts headed that way

((((((Jodi, Mom & Dad))))))

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Post by SMLCHNG »

(((((((((((SmifferBug & Mom & Dad)))))))))))) :-? :-? :-?
You know how much I love you, and sending all the best I can to you and Mom and Dad.. [smilie=hearts.gif] [smilie=hearts.gif]
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Post by Wino you know »

Love & prayers to you, your mother, and your father, Jodi.
Let us know how things go, okay?
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Post by PHarmGirl »

Pharm phin power to you and your Mom ...
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Post by Brown Eyed Girl »

You got it, Jodi. Lots of love, hugs and prayers going out to my favorite-ist Bug, MamaBug and the whole Bug family. Gotcha close in my heart.
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Post by SchoolGirlHeart »

Jodi, one thing we have around here is an unlimited supply of prayers and phin power. A whole bunch headed your way!

((((((((((Jodi, Mom & Family))))))))))

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Post by OceanCityGirl »

prayers said
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Post by Dally »

(((((Buggy, MamaBug, DaddyBug, and family)))))

Lots of love, hugs, prayers, and PHIN Power heading her way.

If you need anything....just let me know.
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Post by docandjeanie »

Jodi, Mom and family

Prayers and ~~~/)~~~ power on the way to you and your family
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Post by parrothead216 »


May the MRI show nothing serious.

((((((((Jodi & Mom & Dad))))))))

Keeping you close to our heart. [smilie=hearts.gif]
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Post by Gulfbreeze »


Coming up from the Gulf

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