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Take the Weather With You
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: October 10th, 2006
Certified: Gold on December 1st, 2006
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #4; Country Chart: #1; Internet Chart: #4
Notes: Enhanced CD contains the video “Here We Are”
1 – Bama Breeze (Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear, and Mark Irwin)
2 – Party At The End Of The World (Jimmy Buffett, Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough, Peter Mayer)
3 – Weather With You (Neil Finn, Tim Finn)
4 – Everybody’s on the Phone (Jimmy Buffett, Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough, Peter Mayer)
5 – Whoop De Doo (Mark Knopfler)
6 – Nothing But A Breeze (Jesse Winchester)
7 – Cinco de Mayo in Memphis (Guy Clark and Chuck Mead)
8 – Reggabilly Hill (Michael Garrett)
9 – Elvis Presley Blues (David Rawlings, Gillian Welch)
10 – Hula Girl At Heart (Jimmy Buffett, Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough, Peter Mayer)
11 – Wheel Inside The Wheel (Mary Gauthier)
12 – Silver Wings (Merle Haggard)
13 – Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On (Matt Betton, Jimmy Buffett)
14 – Dukes On Sunday (Henry Kapono)
15 – Here We Are (Jimmy Buffett, Matt Betton)

Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Guitar and Vocals
Doyle Grisham Pedal Steel Guitar
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Mac McAnally Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Robert Greenidge Steel Drums, Timbales
Ralph MacDonald Percussion
Peter Mayer Guitar, Vocals
Jim Mayer Bass Guitar, Vocals
Roger Guth Drums
John Lovell Trumpet
Tina Gullickson Vocals
Nadirah Shakoor Vocals
Sonny Landreth Guitar Guest Musician
Bill Payne Keyboards Guest Musician
Will Kimbrough Guitar Guest Musician
Glenn Worf Bass Guitar
Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Guest Musician
Ernie Ranglin Guitar Guest Musician
Mark Knopfler Guitar on “Whoop De Doo” Guest Musician
Gomez Vocals on “Weather With You” Guest Musicians (Ben Ottewell, Ian Ball and Tom Gray)

Produced by Mac McAnally and Michael Utley for Mailboat Records

Recorded by Alan Schulman and Chris Stone

Project Coordinator: Nina Avramides
Production Coordinator: Mike Ramos

Recorded at the Following Locations:

Key West: Shrimp Boat Sound Studio

Studio Manager, Drums, Percussion and Steel Drum Tech: J.L. Jamison
Technician/Synthesizer Programming: Will Jennings
Technician/Guitars: Doug Breidenbach
Computer Technician: Rodney Gnoinsky
Production Assistants: Rick Humes, Tim Bender, Jarrett Przybyszewski
Video: Stan Kellam and P.J. Buza
A-440 Piano Tuning: Ross Alexander, Tim
Doormen: Lou Gammell, Rick Naugler, Bob Scott

Muscle Shoals: LaLaLand

London: Brtish Grove Studio, Engineered by Rupert Coulson. Thanks to David Stewart

New York: Clinton Studio


Mixed at La La Land by Alan Schulman and Chris
Mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master, Nashville, TN, Assisted by Alex McCollough
“Bama Breeze” was mixed by Justin Niebank at Blackbird Studio, assisted by Bryan Smith and Justin Kessler. Mastered at MasterMix with Hank Williams in Nashville, TN
Photographs: Pamela Jones
Photography Design and Art Direction: Kosh
Enhanced video “Here We Are” produced and edited by Stan Kellam
Parrothead Cameras: Kevin McGrath, Lee Garland, Bill Parisien

Special Thanks: Mark Knopfler, the Gomez Boys, Savannah Jane Buffett, Sunshine Smith, Howard Kaufman, John Cohlan, Lynda Lou Bouch, Gelfand Rennert and Feldman, LLga Berzins, Trevor Robinson, Cindy Thompson, Erin McAnally, Kathryn Pechenik at Pro Travel, Kevin Boucher, Ray Massiero, the staff at Margaritaville Cafe, BO’s Fishwagon, Pepe’s and Virgillo’s


Take the Weather With You – Interview Transcript

The transcript from the interview that Jimmy Buffett did with Steve Huntington, promoting his new album, “Take The Weather With You” is now available (thanks to gingerbreadman and conched for providing the transcript).


Take the Weather With You – Official Press Release

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Artwork for the album “Take the Weather With You”