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Welcome to Fin City

DVD/CD – Release June 19, 2012
Jimmy Buffett

Sun Dogs

DVD – Release October 2, 2007
Commentary by Jimmy Buffett

Hoot (New Line Platinum Series)

DVD – Release August 15, 2006

Jimmy Buffett – Live at Wrigley Field

Jimmy Buffett / DVD – Release August 1, 2006

From the Big Apple to the Big Easy

Various Artists / DVD – Release August 22, 2006

Jimmy Buffett – Minimatinee 1

Jimmy Buffett / DVD – Release November 11, 2003
1. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (w/ Alan Jackson)
2. Cheeseburger In Paradise
3. Meet Me In Margaritaville
4. The Tiki Bar Is Open
5. Knees Of My Heart
6. Fins

Alan Jackson:
Greatest Hits Volume 2

Alan Jackson / DVD – Released Sept 9, 2003)
Contains the Alan Jackson / Jimmy Buffett
duet “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”

Jimmy Buffett
“Tales from Margaritavision”

Jimmy Buffett / VHS Tape
77 mins / Published 2000Video Compilation Includes
1. Pencil Thin Moustache
2. Come Monday
3. He Went to Paris
4. Nautical Wheelers
5. Livin’ It Up
6. One Particular Harbour
7. La Vie Dansante
8. Who’s the Blonde Stranger?
9. Homemade Music
10. Take Another Road
11. Jamaica Farewell
12. Another Saturday Night
13. Fruitcakes
14. Changes in Latitudes, Changes
in Attitudes (live)
15. The City

Jimmy Buffett: Live by the Bay

Jimmy Buffett / VHS Tape
1 hour 27 mins / Published 1985Includes Door Number 3, Stars on
the Water, Coconut Telegraph,
Come Monday, Rag Top Day, Who’s
the Blonde Stranger, Volcano,
Changes in Latitudes Changes in
Attitudes, One Particular Harbor,
If the Phone Doesn’t Ring It’s
Me, Why Don’t We Get Drunk,
Cheesburger In Paradise, Fins,
Last Mango in Paris, A Pirater
Looks at Forty, and

Music for Montserrat
Jimmy Buffett contributes to the
benefit concert with a special
version of “Volcano”.
He also joins in with Paul
McCartney, Eric Clapton, Phill
Collins and others on the encore

Jimmy Buffett sings
“Caribbean Amphibian”
with Kermit

Brian Wilson – Imagination
Interview with Jimmy Buffett and
Brian performs “South

Rancho Deluxe
Jimmy Buffett does the soundtrack
and appears in the movie

Jimmy Buffett makes a cameo
appearance as a pilot

Jimmy Buffett performs the song
“Livingston Saturday

Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Purple People Eater”
for the soundtrack

The Firm
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Stars on the Water”
for the soundtrack

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“I Don’t Know (Spicoli’s
Theme)” for the soundtrack

The Sluggers Wife
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Ragtop Day” for the

Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Don’t Bug Me” for the

Summer Rental
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Turning Around” for
the soundtrack

Urban Cowboy
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Hello Texas” for the

Coast to Coast
Jimmy Buffett does the song
“Survive” for the

From the Earth to the Moon
Jimmy Buffett has a cameo appearance as a reporter

Jimmy Buffett has a cameo
appearance as a heckler in the
Repo Man
Jimmy Buffett has a cameo appearance as an agent