Coral Reefer Band

Amy Lee

Amy Lee was born in North Adams, Massachusetts and studied music at the University of Miami. She currently lives in Georgia. Amy has worked with Charles Neville, Jimmy Buffett, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell to name a few.

Amy recalls the first time she performed with Jimmy: “In 1991, while rehearsing with Diversity for Jazzfest, I’ll never forget Charles’ delivery – his leaning over, smiling and whispering, ‘Jimmy Buffett’s in town. He’s gonna play Wednesday night at Cafe Brasil. The band listing for Wednesday was some group called Freddie and the Fishsticks.”

“Wednesday night came, and sure enough Charles insisted I get my horn to go to Cafe Brasil. Jimmy was playing with a small band (Mike Utley, Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor, Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and Roger Guth), but eventually looked over at Charles. Charles pointed at me, Jimmy nodded and then Charles said, ‘Get out your horn.’

At last, Jimmy called me up. I can’t even remember the tune they started playing, because the scene was blowing me away. Fingers soloed, and then Peter, then Jimmy turned to me. I blew a solo for about a chorus, then looked back at Jimmy, giving him the visual cue, ‘I’m through.’ He was thrashing at his guitar, grinning ear-to-ear and yelling, “No! Keep going!” I remember thinking – cool! I really let it go then.”

“Afterwards, Jimmy came up to me and casually asked if I was doing anything that summer. He said he was about to go on tour, and that he’d love to have me join him. Three weeks later, I was off to San Diego to begin rehearsing for the Outpost Tour. I had no idea how drastically my life and career were about to change.”

Amy’s first major label release was a song on Margaritaville CafĂ©, Late Night Menu, writing and recording her reggae instrumental “Sugartown Shakedown”. She co-wrote “Bob Robert’s Society Band”, “Fruitcakes” and “Delaney Talks To Statues” with Jimmy Buffett.

Amy has worked extensively in the studio as a performer, arranger and writer for major albums as well as radio and TV commercials. She has also has worked with gospel-recording artist Luther Barnes & the Sunset Jubilees, the rap group, Yall So Stupid, and the Grammy-nominated Richard Smallwood Singers.

In 1999, Amy released her debut solo jazz CD titled “Inside The Outside”. Her second CD, “Use Me”, was released in 2004.

Amy ended touring as part of the Coral Reefer Band before the 2006 tour because Jimmy decided to cut back on the size of the band.

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Album Credits (Jimmy Buffett albums)
Year Album Title Credit Notes
1994 Fruitcakes Saxophone
1995 Barometer Soup Saxophone
1996 Banana Wind Saxophone
1996 Christmas Island Saxophone
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Saxophone
1999 Beach House on the Moon Saxophone
1999 Buffett Live – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Saxophone
2002 Far Side Of The World Saxophone
2003 Meet Me In Margaritaville Saxophone
2003 Live in Las Vegas, NV Saxaphone
2003 Live in Auburn, WA Saxaphone
2004 Live in Cincinnati, OH Saxaphone
2004 Live in Mansfield, MA Saxaphone
2005 Live In Hawaii Saxaphone
2005 Live at Fenway Park Saxophone
2006 Live at Wrigley Field (DVD) Saxophone
2006 Live At Wrigley Field (CD) Saxophone
2007 Live at Texas Stadium Saxophone Coral Reefer Band

Tours (with the Coral Reefer Band)
Year Tour Name Credit Notes
1991 Outpost Tour Saxophone
1992 Recession Recess Tour Saxophone
1993 Chameleon Caravan Tour Saxophone
1994 Fruitcakes Tour Saxophone
1995 Domino College Tour Saxophone
1996 Banana Wind Tour Saxophone
1997 Havana Daydreamin’ Tour Saxophone
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Tour Saxophone
1999 Beach House On The Moon Tour Saxophone
2000 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Tour Saxophone
2001 A Beach Odyssey Tour Saxophone
2002 Far Side of the World Tour Saxophone
2003 Tiki Time Tour Saxophone
2004 License To Chill Tour Saxophone
2005 A Salty Piece Of Land Tour Saxophone
Special Appearances
Date Show Info Credit Notes

Solo and Other Albums

Year Album Title  
Use Me
Inside The Outside