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You Had To Be There
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: October 1st, 1978
Certified: Gold on November 10th, 1978
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #72; Country Chart: #29;

Disc 1
1 – Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (Jimmy Buffett)
2 – Pencil Thin Mustache (Jimmy Buffett)
3 – Wonder Why We Ever Go Home (Jimmy Buffett)
4 – Landfall (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Miss You So Badly (Jimmy Buffett & G Taylor)
6 – Havana Daydreamin’ (Jimmy Buffett)
7 – Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
8 – Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes (Jimmy Buffett)
9 – Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)
10 – Perrier Blues (Jimmy Buffett)

Disc 2
1 – Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit (Jimmy Buffett)
2 – God’s Own Drunk (Lord Buckley)
3 – He Went To Paris (Jimmy Buffett)
4 – The Captain And The Kid (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw (Jimmy Buffett)
6 – A Pirate Looks At Forty (Jimmy Buffett)
7 – Tampico Trauma (Jimmy Buffett)
8 – Morris’ Nightmare (Jimmy Buffett)
9 – Dixie Diner (Larry Raspberry & the Highsteppers)


Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Michael Utley Organ
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Harry Dailey Bass
Kenneth Buttrey Drums and Percussion
Jay Spell Piano
Deborah McColl Background Vocals
Barry Chance Guitar

Label: ABC/Dunhill
Produced by: Norbert Putnam


Original Vinyl Information:

AK 1008/2, ABC Records. Gatefold, color sleeves and fold-out poster. ABC is written inside of a musical note, instead of in a black ball like the older albums. Cardboard picture sleeves featuring city and harbor scenes, etc.

Foreign Vinyl Information:

Canadian release, AK 2022-1008, 1978…all artwork, etc. same as USA original release.

Re-issued Vinyl Information:

MCA2-6005, MCA Records. Gatefold, plain sleeves, no poster. Cover includes a gold circle with the statement, “Specially priced two record set.”

Original CD Information:

MCAD-6005, MCA Record. Live set packaged in two single-CD jewel boxes. Two identical booklets (one for each jewel box) with liner notes. Out of print.

Re-issued CD Information:

MCAD-6005, MCA Records. Live set packaged in one double-CD jewel box with updated back cover graphics. Booklet contains complete liner notes as well as several photos, but omits several
photos from the gatefold as well as everything from the inner sleeves and poster from the
original pressing.

THERE’S NOTHING to this show bidness gig. After twelve years and ten albums I enjoy remembering some of the moments in the history of Coral Reefer madness that still make it fun:

The morning in San Francisco when I found a chandelier in Fingers’ bathroom sink and drug him out of bed to help me rehang the goddamn thing; the night at Kiawah Island when Harry discovered the new religion of Naked Hall Meditation; when Jay Spell introduced Martin Mull to braille centerfolds; when Buttrey polished off a magnum of champagne during a Central Park concert and finished the evening by attempting to drop-kick his snare drum into the monior board; the night Deborah and Fingers did their impression of Ike and Tina Turner in a Holiday Inn bar near Billings, Montana; the time Barry decided to redecorate the interior of a Chrysler Cordoba in Sacramento; the afternoon I decided to take the bus for a spin near Wrightsville Beach to find some beer; or just yesterday in London, when they gave all our suites to Gladys Knight and the Pips.

I could go on for hours telling stories but I guess… you had to be there.

Jimmy Buffett
Wasting away in London
August 30, 1978

Note: To all avid lyric fanatics: you may or may not notice that some verses and phrases on these records are not the same as the original version. I can only blame that mishap on an over-indulgence in Mount Gay rum and an over-abuse of poetic license. Hope you enjoy the new versions. J.B.

Recorded Live At: The Fabulous Fox, in Atlanta, Georgia (August 8,9,10, 1978) Maurice Gusman Cultural Center, Miami (August 14,15,16, 1978)
Live Recording Mixed by: Marty Lewis on the Enactron Truck
Enactron Staff: Stuart Taylor, Bradley Hartman, Lon Neuman, Donican Cowart and Martin Cowart
Remixed by: Elliot Scheiner at Air Recording Studios, London.
Tape Assistance in London: Steve Churchyard, Jon Walls and thanks to Patti.
Dialogue edited in: London by Juan Cadiz
Also Thanks to: Steve Klein and Joe Foglia at Criteria Studiosm Miami, and Eric Schilling at Bayshore Studios, Coconut Grove
Silverfish Audio: Ross Ritto, Joe Ciccoline, Jamie Lupinetti.
Morpheus Light: Ed Masington, Jeff Alder
Thanks to Bobby Liberman, Richard “Smokey” Wendell, and “The Hardy Boys”; Rick Slagsvol and Ben Taylor.
Special thanks to the boys in the trenches: Rick Holcomb, Clint Gilbert, Max Crabtree, Hobbit and Ava Humphrey, and Harris “Dad” Rice. Paul Dana, Barbara and Autumn Dumont, Dennis Schezer, Kathy D’Accardo, Sprocket of Bo-Bo Land.
Karen Scott-Conrad and Michele Martin at Coral Reefer and Ann Keener at Quadrafonic Sound Studios in Nashville and Nina.

Bill Merrick and Mike Lofton of the Cheeseburger Airplane. Richard Wozniak and Scott Goodwin in the T-Shirt Department.
Thanks to Tim Krekel, always a Coral Reefer, and a very special thanks to Mike Utley for all his help from the start.
To Jack Boyle and Cecil Corbett, thanks for many good years.
Also thanks to The Rollin’ Errors Band, The Moose, Little River Band, Pete Wagner, Bob Mercer, P.J. O’Rourke and Bobby Zinzer. And Norbert Putnam and Dan Fogelberg, last minute literary aces, for their album title advice.
Personal Management: Irv (Where’s my f***ing basketball game) Azoff, Front Line Management.
Album Photography: Tom Corcoran.
Design and Art Direction: Jimmy Buffett, Tom Corcoran & Kosh.


Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com