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Feeding Frenzy
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: October 15th, 1990
Certified: Gold on September 16th, 1992
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #68;
Notes: Recorded August 1990 in Atlanta and Cincinnati.
1 – You’ll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again (Jimmy Buffett, Michael Utley, Vince Melamed, Josh Leo, Willie Weeks and Matt Betton)
2 – The City (Mac McAnally)
3 – Last Mango In Paris (Jimmy Buffett, Marshall Chapman, Will Jennings & Michael Utley)
4 – Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Today’s Message (Jimmy Buffett)
6 – A Love Song (From a Different Point of View) (Jimmy Buffett)
7 – One Particular Harbour (Jimmy Buffett & Bobby Holcomb)
8 – Honey Do (Jimmy Buffett & Mike Utley)
9 – Cheeseburger In Paradise (Jimmy Buffett)
10 – A Pirate Looks At Forty (Jimmy Buffett)
11 – Jolly Mon Sing (Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings & Michael Utley)
12 – Gypsies In The Palace (Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Frey & Will Jennings)
13 – Fins (Jimmy Buffett, Deborah McColl, B.Chance, Tom Corcoran)
14 – Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
15 – Jamaica Farewell (Lord Burgess)
16 – Volcano (Jimmy Buffett, Keith Sykes & Harry Dailey)

Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Guitar & Vocal
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Mac McAnally Guitars & Vocals
Robert Greenidge Steel Drums & Percussion
Ralph MacDonald Percussion
Savannah Jane Buffett Percussion
Jay Oliver Keyboards
Peter Mayer Guitar & Vocals
Jim Mayer Bass & Vocals
Roger Guth Drums
Brie Howard Percussion & Vocals
Mary Harris Vocals
Dena Iverson Vocals
Katherine Maisnik Vocals
Zachary Richard Acadian Accordion

Label: MCA
Producers: Michael Utley & Elliot Scheiner

Engineered by: Elliot Scheiner
Digital Editing: Mark Harder,
Remote Recording Services Inc. with David Hewitt, Phil Gitomer, Bryan Leskowicz, and Pat Lynes
Mixed by: Elliot Scheiner at the Hit Factory, New York, NY
Mastered by: Ten Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Recorded: August 3&4 at the Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia and August 7&8 at the Riverbend Amphitheatre, Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati’s Symphony Orchestra owners of Riverbend Amphitheatre.
Project Coordinator: Ivy Skoff
Production Coordinator: Nina Avramides
Design & Art Direction: Kosh & Amy Dakos with Eric Junker and Brian Wittman for Kosh/Brooks

Design Photography: Jim Marshall, Jim Shea, David DeNoma
Personal Assistant to Mr. Buffett:Sunshine Smith
Management: HK Management, Los Angeles

Playing for a living. Not many people get to do that. It started for me back in 1966 when Johnny Youngblood taught me three chords on the guitar. I did it to meet girls. It worked. Fortunately that wasn’t the only thing I accomplished. There were more chords to learn and more importantly a lot of lessons in living like discovering how valuable a sense of
humor is to us modern creatures. I found myself in the role of troubadour/court jester.

In mid-evil times the court jesters were given the unenviable task of amusing the king and queen especially if bad tidings were the fare of the day. My idea of a tough job would be waiting to go on in front of the court and have the king’s aide tell you that he had just informed the king that he had lost a war and then say, “You’d better be funny.”

Things haven’t really changed that much and as the cards have fallen I see myself playing the jester to the light speed court of current events, but there is a real difference between those days of old and the summer of 1990.

Today at my shows, it is the people in the audience who wear the costumes, not the performers. I play to a variety of bird people, shark people and lizard people. Parents bring their children. Children bring their parents. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever see the day I would be considered family entertainment. 

Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com