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Buffett Live – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: November 9th, 1999
Certified: Gold on October 23rd, 2000
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #37; Independent Chart: #33; Internet Chart: #8
Notes: Recorded at various shows Dec 1998 to Sept 1999
1 – Fruitcakes (Jimmy Buffett, Amy Lee)
2 – Southern Cross (Stephen Stills, Richard Curtis, & Michael Curtis)
3 – Pencil Thin Mustache (Jimmy Buffett)
4 – Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Coconut Telegraph (Jimmy Buffett)
6 – Cheeseburger In Paradise (Jimmy Buffett)
7 – Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)
8 – Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (Jimmy Buffett)
9 – Volcano (Jimmy Buffett, Keith Sykes & Harry Dailey)
10 – Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
11 – Tin Cup Chalice (Jimmy Buffett)
12 – Fins (Jimmy Buffett, Deborah McColl, B.Chance, Tom Corcoran)
13 – One Particular Harbour (Jimmy Buffett & Bobby Holcomb)
14 – Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
15 – Love And Luck (Jocelyne Beroard, Jimmy Buffett, Jean-Claude Naimro)

Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Guitar & Vocals
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Mac McAnally Guitar, Vocals
Robert Greenidge Steel Drums
Ralph MacDonald Percussion
Peter Mayer Guitar, Vocals
Jim Mayer Bass Guitar, Vocals
Roger Guth Drums
Amy Lee Saxophone
John Lovell Trumpet
T.C. Mitchell Saxophone
Tina Gullickson Vocals
Nadirah Shakoor Vocals

Label: Mailboat Records
Producer: Michael Utley

Engineered by: Ryan Hewitt an Dave Hewitt for Remote Recording Services, Doylestown, Pa.
Tech. Staff: Phil Gitomer, Sean McClintock
Additional Engineering: Rich Davis
Mixed by: Jim DeMain at Recording Arts, Nashville, TN.
Assisted By: Grant Greene
Mastered by: Denny Pritchett at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN.

No, This record has nothing to do with the Millennium, the meaning of life, or the price of tea in china. Hell, I can’t even call it a CD, or an MP3 file. To me, a collection of song will always be records. In many ways my failure to adopt the technically correct terms of the day happily brands me as a hopeless romantic. We have been making records for a long time, and we have been on the road for a long time, and one of the great joys in keeping this beat moving, is that we have put a lot of water and time in our wake. Some crewmembers have come and gone, but many are still here. The passenger list is more interesting and larger than it has ever been, and their uniforms maintain a tradition of defying good taste. On earlier voyages, we ran at a lot faster speed and stopped at a thousand ports along the way. These days, however, we just play Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. When our ship comes in, the party begins. If angst is your diet and serious thought is your idea of recreation, then PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS RECORD. But, if you like the beach, need some escapism and like to laugh, stomp and dance, then you have come to the right spot. And, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For the past year, we have played the background music to the lives of a lot of happy people, and okay so we did utilize some hot dog technology and recorded the whole experience. Hell, there are even pictures on this record. But, it really is a little reminder of what goes on in the mythical land of Margaritaville every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Night, and how much fun we have all had together.

Jimmy Buffett,
13 September ’99,
Nantucket Island

This record is for the Parrotheads

Where each song was recorded:

1. Fruitcakes – December 8, 1998 in Orlando, FL
2. Southern Cross – September 2, 1999 in Mansfield, MA
3. Pencil Thin Mustache – December 8, 1998 in Orlando, FL
4. Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season – December 4, 1998 in West Palm Beach, FL
5. Coconut Telegraph – August 19, 1999 in Cincinnati, OH
6. Cheeseburger in Paradise – August 31, 1999 in Hartford, CT
7. Come Monday – March 4, 1999 in Orlando, FL
8. Son of a Son of a Sailor – June 12, 1999 in Manassas, VA
9. Volcano – August 19, 1999 in Cincinnati, OH
10. Brown Eyed Girl – July 15, 1999 in Indianapolis, IN
11. Tin Cup Chalice – December 4, 1998 in West Palm Beach, FL
12. Fins – September 2, 1999 in Mansfield, MA
13. One Particular Harbour – December 4, 1998 in West Palm Beach, FL
14. Margaritaville (includes the lost verse) – September 2, 1999 in Mansfield, MA
15. Love and Luck – February 20, 1999 in Nashville, TN

Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com