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Songs From St. Somewhere Tour
Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden NJ
Tuesday June 25th, 2013

   Conch Shell / Opening Medley:  
   Far Side Of The World, Calaloo, Lage Nom Ai  
1  Kinja (St. Somewhere version)  
2  Landfall  
3  Boat Drinks  
4  Weather With You  
5  Morris’ Nightmare (2013 version)  
6  Ringling, Ringling  
7  Come Monday  
8  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere  
9  Jamaica Mistaica  
10  Too Drunk To Karaoke  
11  Cheeseburger In Paradise  
   Acoustic Set  
12  La Vie Dansante  
13  Pencil Thin Mustache  
14  Volcano  
15  Southern Cross  
16  Cultural Infidel (ft Nadirah)  
17  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
18  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes  
19  A Pirate Looks At Forty  
20  One Particular Harbour  
21  Back Where I Come From  
22  All Night Long  
23  Fins  
   First Encore  
   Band Intros: Mr. Michael Utley on keyboards, Robert Greenidge on steel drums, dancing Johnny Lovell on trumpet, dancing Jim Mayer on bass, steady Roger Guth on drums, apple juice Doyle Gisham on pedal steel guitar, Mr. Mac McAnally on guitar and soliloquys, Peter Mayer on guitar, Mr. Eric Darken on percussion, the lovely Reeferettes, Ms Nadirah Shakoor and Miss Tina Gullickson.  
24  Knee Deep  
25  Margaritaville (with Boat Drinks reprise)  
   Second Encore  
26  Lovely Cruise