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Guild Hall – East Hampton NY
Saturday October 13th, 2001
Montessori School Benefit Show

1  The Wino And I Know  
   (Jimmy says it all started in New Orleans and he will take us on a journey)  
2  Pencil Thin Mustache  
   (He says it sounds so much like Frank and Lola)  
3  Where’s The Party  
   (a Steve Goodman song)  
4  Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)  
   (joined by Ralph and Robert, a lady in a short skirt dances in front of the stage and Jimmy said he liked it)  
5  Havana Daydreamin’  
   (Going to the Caribbean)  
6  That’s What Living Is To Me  
   (Said a bit about Mark Twain being from Hartford)  
7  Jolly Mon Sing  
   (Said he played this for his mom at her 80th birthday party. He was reminded about the story about the movie and the exec who wanted the Jolly Mon to be a white  
8  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
   (broke a sting on his 12 string guitar at the begining of the song, he played it anyway with 11 strings)  
9  Everybody’s Talkin’  
   (thanks to Fred Neil; mentioned his trips through the Keys always starts at Alabama Jacks and his times with Jerry Jeff. He also said he remembers his used red  
10  I Have Found Me A Home  
11  Southern Cross  
   Radio Margaritaville played a rare live version of Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind  
   Jimmy comes out to center stage for autographs/pictures/handshakes  
12  Cuban Crime Of Passion  
13  Manana  
   (New album will be out in March)  
14  When Salome Plays The Drum  
   (talked about band in St Barth’s and Anana meaning pineapple and rum and passion fruit)  
15  Twelve Volt Man  
   (laughs about loving his own rhyme)  
16  Blue Telescope  
   (reference to playing with John Hiatt in the very early days and always wanting to do one of his songs)  
   Talked about album cover and standing by his decision to change it  
17  All The Ways I Want You  
   (a Bruce Cockburn song that will be on the new album, was recorded in New York near the East Hampton airport; talked about chemisty in doing the album and boogy  
18  Rocky Raccoon  
   (Drawing of for the raffle, a trip to Key West)  
19  Nautical Wheelers  
   (“you don’t look like a square dancer”)  
20  Life Is Just A Tire Swing / Jambalaya  
   Jimmy said: “What a night…thank you for helping our school”  
21  Margaritaville  
22  In My Life (the Beatles)