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License To Chill Tour
Texas Stadium – Dallas TX
Saturday May 29th, 2004
with Alan Jackson, George Strait

   During the Alan Jackson set, JB came out and sang on “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”.  
   During the George Strait set, JB came out and sang on “All my Exes Live in Texas”.  
   Jimmy Buffett set was as follows:  
   Intro: The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)  
1  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes  
2  The Great Filling Station Holdup  
3  Pencil Thin Mustache  
4  License To Chill  
5  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
6  Gypsies In The Palace  
7  Boats To Build (with Alan Jackson)  
8  Cheeseburger In Paradise  
9  Pascagoula Run  
10  Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw  
11  Brown Eyed Girl  
12  Sea Of Heartbreak (with George Strait)  
13  Come Monday  
14  Volcano  
15  Mexico  
16  A Pirate Looks At Forty  
17  Fins  
18  One Particular Harbour  
   First Encore:  
19  Hey Good Lookin’ (with George Strait and Alan Jackson)  
20  Margaritaville (with George Strait and Alan Jackson)  
   Second Encore:  
21  Northeast Texas Women