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Changing Channels
Written by: Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Off To See The Lizard (1989)
Additional Discography:
Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (1992)

Jimmy’s Notes:
This was written for Isabella, the imaginary heroine of my short story ” I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever”. I miss her and catch up with her life in the next story. I assure you she is still changing channels.

Girl of a thousand faces
From a long line of basket cases
Daughter of a fortune teller
Oh the lovely Isabella


She's changing channels
Stayin' on her toes
She's just changin' channels
As she goes

This place is full of beachhead sailors
Fisherman and old retailers
Simple lives are so deep seated
and history always gets repeated
Some folks see a birds eye view
Others haven't got a clue
Some will go and some will stay
It doesn't matter anyway


They are changin' channels
Crazy girls and boys
They'll be changin' channels
Changin' toys

Survivors of tidal waves
children of former slaves
strange that they behave
Like it's another world

There's an island in the ocean
Where the people stay in motion
Somewhere on the old gulf stream
Do they live or did I dream


They were changin' channels
Waitin' for their sails to fill
They were changin' channels
Always will

They'll be changin' channels
Waitin' for their sails to fill
They'll be changing channels
Always will

Shows Played At:
02-10-2007: Leon County Civic Center – Tallahassee, FL
05-20-2004: Target Center – Minneapolis, MN
04-29-2004: Colonial Center – Columbia, SC
04-22-2004: St Pete Times Forum – Tampa, FL
01-20-2004: HP Pavilion – San Jose, CA
09-23-2003: Coors Amphitheatre – San Diego, CA
09-18-2003: Clark County Amphitheatre – Vancouver, WA
08-28-2003: Tweeter Center Boston – Mansfield, MA
06-26-2003: Verizon Wireless Music Center – Noblesville, IN
04-22-2003: Smirnoff Music Center – Dallas, TX
11-12-2001: The Palace of Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, MI
11-10-2001: Target Center – Minneapolis, MN
05-26-2001: Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Irvine, CA
05-03-1997: Sandstone Amphitheatre – Kansas City, KS
03-02-1997: Nashville Arena – Nashville, TN
12-10-1989: Beacon Theater – New York, NY
12-05-1989: Riverside Theater – Milwaukee, WI
07-30-1989: Cary Field – Williamsburg, VA
07-16-1989: Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY
Number of Shows: 19