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Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett
Peak Chart Position: Billboard Hot 100 Chart: #105;

Originally from the Album: Living & Dying In 3/4 Time (1974)
Additional Discography:
Meet Me In Margaritaville (2003)

Live in Auburn, WA (2003)
Live in Cincinnati, OH (2004)

Jimmy’s Notes:
From “Meet Me in Margaritaville”: I have always wanted to re-cut this song. When it was originally done, I didn’t even have a band, much less a horn section; and on the original recording, the arrangement that I wrote for the song featured the most predictable spot for a baritone solo, which came after the line “big baritones,” etc, etc. For some reason, my producer at the time filled the hole with a bass solo. It never really worked for me, so not, thirty years later, we did our horn solo as God intended it. We decided to re-work this arrangement and take it to New Orleans where it should have been all along. What a fun new groove! I added a little old Stratocaster rhythm direct into the amp like the old days. Hell, we all want to be Keith Richards every once and awhile.

I cut my teeth on gumbo rock
Benny Spellman and Doctor John
Sweet Irma Thomas and Frog man Henry
Use to boogie woogie all night long
Tho I love rock and roll the acoustic guitar
was the only way I had of becoming a star
I knew it recognized and traveling around
But they won't play my record in my ol' hometown

If I had saxophones
Big baritone, cleanin' up the muddy breaks
If I had Saxophones
I could get some recognition from
that Mobile Alabama DJ

Livin' by the ocean sometimes I get the notion
To take my Jane to Alabam
We hang out in a funky little bar
They call it the Shipwreck lounge
Well, we get kinda drunk and we play rock and roll
Grabbin' everybody right down in their soul
When we get to cookin' something's still wrong
There's still something missing from them good old songs

If we had saxophones
Big baritone, cleaning up the muddy breaks
If we had saxophones
I could make that joint shimmy like a big
California earthquake

If we had saxophone
Big baritone, cleaning up the muddy breaks
If we had saxophone
I could get some recognition from
that Mobile Alabama DJ

Shows Played At:
02-12-2009: Margaritaville Cafe Key West – Key West, FL
10-29-2005: MGM Grand – Las Vegas, NV
10-27-2005: Rose Garden – Portland, OR
10-22-2005: MGM Grand – Las Vegas, NV
01-22-2004: Margaritaville Cafe – Las Vegas, NV
09-16-2003: White River Amphitheatre – Auburn, WA
08-28-2003: Tweeter Center Boston – Mansfield, MA
08-26-2003: Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH
08-23-2003: Tweeter Center Chicago – Tinley Park, IL
08-21-2003: Tweeter Center Chicago – Tinley Park, IL
08-19-2003: Post Gazette Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
07-05-2003: Nissan Pavilion – Bristow, VA
07-01-2003: Tweeter Center Philadelphia – Camden, NJ
06-28-2003: Alpine Valley Music Theatre – East Troy, WI
06-26-2003: Verizon Wireless Music Center – Noblesville, IN
06-24-2003: DTE Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
04-26-2003: MGM Grand – Las Vegas, NV
04-24-2003: Pepsi Arena – Denver, CO
04-22-2003: Smirnoff Music Center – Dallas, TX
04-19-2003: AM South Amphitheatre – Nashville, TN
04-17-2003: HiFi Buys Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA
04-15-2003: The Woodlands – Houston, TX
02-13-2003: American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
02-10-2003: TD Waterhouse Centre – Orlando, FL
02-08-2003: St Pete Times Forum – Tampa, FL
02-05-2003: Colonial Center – Columbia, SC
02-03-2003: RBC Center – Raleigh, NC
02-01-2003: Philips Arena – Atlanta, GA
12-02-1998: Mobile Civic Center – Mobile, AL
05-02-1998: New Orleans Jazz Festival – New Orleans, LA
11-15-1992: Unknown – Honolulu, HI
08-25-1992: Delta Center – Salt Lake City, UT
08-22-1992: The Gorge – George, WA
08-16-1992: Riverport Amphitheatre – St Louis, MO
08-15-1992: Popular Creek Music Theatre – Hoffman Estates, IL
07-10-1992: Great Woods – Mansfield, MA
07-07-1992: Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY
07-05-1992: Pine Knob Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
07-04-1992: Pine Knob Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
07-03-1992: Pine Knob Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
06-14-1992: Walnut Creek Pavilion – Raleigh, NC
06-12-1992: Lakewood Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA
05-24-1992: Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
05-21-1992: Classic Amphitheatre – Richmond, VA
09-10-1975: The Boarding House – Sausalito, CA
10-18-1974: The Record Plant – Sausalito, CA
Number of Shows: 46