[Unreleased song performed on 1/3/1974 in Cambridge, MA]

I just Started Singing
I didn't even know the Tune
I finally Left the City
I'm a'gonna make it back home by June
Upon my Late arrival
by the Moonlight I could See
That the place I left so long ago
Still looked the same to me

And the Flowers still grow
alongside Buttermilk Grove
Something in the air tells me
The Corn has just been sowed
Been on my last subway
No more neon signs a glow
I'm heading home to Buttermilk Grove

Now the signs above the General Store
Tell me I'm not along
And the number itn't on the wall
Right above the Telephone
Bring my Family Runnin'
Whether they be on the road
Janey's heading home to Buttermilk Grove

And there Stands my lady
I miss that woman so
She's coming here to kiss me
I can feel her right threw her clothes
Yes she looks as good as ever
if not better than my dreams
It must've been a fever
that made me leave her that's what it seems

So tonight I'll pick the Banjo
Been so long since I played
But my lady she just loves it
At least that's what she'll say
I'll feed it 'til my fingers bleed
And 'til the Neck is bowed
Oh, I'm heading home to Buttermilk Grove