Marilyn Monroe did a night shoot in a pool
Posing naked for a Playboy spread,
She was old, but she still was cool
When they wrapped right after midnight
and the crew went to the bar
Norma Jean just did the backstroke
Like she was reachin’ for a falling star.

Beautiful swimmers
Know how to move
Slidin’ ‘cross the water like a steel guitar
Beautiful swimmers, stay in the groove
Riding constant currents, near and far.

Standing in a tidal pool just East of Baltimore
Watching little blue crabs
Navigate the Eastern Shore
Every bayou, stream, and river
In time runs to the sea
Every tadpole,flounder,and softshell
Feels the choreography.

Beautiful swimmers
They know how to move
Sneakin’ past the draggers and the oyster bars
Beautiful swimmers just feel the groove
Painting liquid brush strokes like Renoir.

I miss my dorsal fin
I can’t explain
I’m a big fish out of water
Dwelling on the coastal plain.

Now if I was as rich as the Aga Khan
I’d tell you what I would do
Buy every man, woman and child on this planet
A mask and a snorkel too
Then I’d lead that wild migration
Destination Waimea Bay
Then we’d splash our way around the world
Life is just a water ballet

Come on you
Beautiful swimmers
You know how to move
Let’s glide across the water like a steel guitar
Beautiful swimmers
Stay in the groove
Catching constant currents near and far.