Trivia – Name that Jimmy

Jimmy Buffett is not the first nor will be the last Jimmy. Test your knowledge of famous Jimmy’s below. The answers along with a scoring grid is included below. Good luck. Thanks go out to Patrick O’Leary for the quiz.

1. He was President of the United States
2. TV Preacher with a weakness for hookers
3. Inka Dinka Do
4. Singer and Sausage Maker
5. He died on NYPD Blue
6. Baseball Hall of Famer from way back
7. Dolphins Coach
8. Corrupt boss possibly buried in the Meadowlands
9. Led Zepellin Guitarist
10. Purple Haze
11. Pinocchio’s buddy – poetic license taken here
12. American folk tune
13. Former Boston Red Sox player”Fear Strikes Out”
14. Blues singer mentioned in “Six String Music”
15. Famed New York Writer
16. Famous present day wrapper
17. Had a Number 1 Bestseller on the NY Times Fiction and Non-Fiction lists
18. Actor who played JJ on 70’s sitcom “Good Times”
19. He and his brother were famous Big Band leaders
20. He sang “If You Want To Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life”
(Never Make a Pretty Woman Your Wife)
21. The Marvallettes want to know when he will return
22. “It’s a Wonderful Life”


1. Jimmy Carter
2. Jimmy Swaggert
3. Jimmy Durante
4. Jimmy Dean
5. Jimmy Smits
6. Jimmy Foxx
7. Jimmy Johnson
8. Jimmy Hoffa
9. Jimmy Page
10. Jimi Hendrix
11. Jiminey Cricket
12. “Jimmy Crack Corn”
13. Jimmy Piersall
14. Jimmy Reed
15. Jimmy Breslin
16. Jimmy Ray
17. Jimmy Buffett
18. Jimmy Walker
19. Jimmy Dorsey
20. Jimmy Soul
21. Jimmy Mack
22. Jimmy Stewart

How Did You Do?

20 and above…Your name is Jimmy
15 and above… Your dog is named Jimmy
10 and above…Someone in your family is named Jimmy
5 and above…You like the music of Jimmy Ray
0 and above…You are a few french fries short of a happy meal