Southern Cross FAQs

1) What is the "Southern Cross"?

The "Southern Cross" is a constellation also known as the
Crux Constellation. The four brightest stars within the constellation form a cross pattern. The brightest star is known as Alpha Crucis (acrux) and is located at the foot of the cross. The star at the top of the cross is known as Gamma Crucis (Gacrux). If you follow the line south through Gamma and Alpha Crucis you will arrive near the South Celestrial (true south) Pole. Two other stars that form the cross are Beta Crucis (Becrux) and Delta Crucis which is the western arm.

It can be viewed anywhere below 27 degrees north latitude. This includes most of the southern hemisphere including places such as Australia, South America, and the Caribbean. Sailors have relied on the "Southern Cross" to help in navigating their boats. Learn more about the

national flag of Australia has five stars of the "Southern Cross" on it.
national flag of New Zealand also has a version with four brightest stars on it.

2) Who wrote "Southern Cross"

"Southern Cross" was written by Stephen Stills of the group Crosby, Stills, and Nash. He had some assistance from
Richard Curtis & Michael Curtis.

3) Is "Southern Cross" available on CD or Tape?

Jimmy Buffett & the CRB have recorded a live version of "Southern Cross" that appears on "
Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays" (1999).

There is a bootleg version of it by Jimmy Buffett & the CRB that you can listen to: Southern Cross (requires real audio). Courtesy Ladi34t's Island

The version by Crosby, Stills, & Nash is available on Daylight Again (1982)

4) What are the Lyrics to "Southern Cross"?

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Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Got out of town on a boat goin' to southern islands
Sailing a reach before a followin' sea
She was makin' for the trades on the outside,
And the downhill run to
Papeete Bay
Off the wind on this heading lie the
We got eighty feet of the waterline, nicely making way
In a noisy bar in
Avalon I tried to call you
But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away

Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me, larger voices callin'
What heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten
I have been around the world
lookin' for that woman, girl
Who knows love can endure
And you know it will And you know it will

When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way
'Cause the truth you might be runnin' from is so small
But it's as big as the promise, the promise of a coming day
So I'm sailing for tomorrow, my dreams are a dyin'
And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain
I have my ship and all her flags are a flyin'
She is all that I have left and music is her name


So we cheated and we lied and we tested
And we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do
You will survive being bested
But somebody fine will come along make me forget about loving you
In the Southern Cross

( Crosby, Stills, & Nash -- "Daylight Again" 1982)