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Swine Not? – Hardcover
Jimmy Buffett / Release Date: May 13, 2008
A Salty Piece of Land – Hardcover
A Salty Piece of Land – Paperback
Jimmy Buffett / Published November 2004

A Pirate Looks at Fifty – Paperback

Jimmy Buffett / Published 1999
A Pirate Looks at Fifty – Hardcover
Jimmy Buffett / Published

Where Is Joe Merchant? -Paperback
Jimmy Buffett / Published 1993
Where Is Joe Merchant? – Hardcover
Jimmy Buffett / Published 1992

Tales from Margaritaville – Paperback
Jimmy Buffett / Published 1993

The Jolly Mon – Paperback
Jimmy Buffett, Savannah
Jane Buffett / Published
The Jolly Mon – Hardcover
Jimmy Buffett, Savannah
Jane Buffett / Published

Trouble Dolls – Paperback

Jimmy Buffett, Savannah
Jane Buffett / Published
Trouble Dolls – Hardcover

Jimmy Buffett, Savannah
Jane Buffett / Published
Recommended Books By Other Authors:

Don’t Stop the Carnival – Paperback ~
Herman Wouk /
Re-published 1992
JimmyDOTcom: Evolution of a Phan
by Jackson Quigley

The Parrothead Companion –
An Insiders Guide to Jimmy
Thomas Ryan / Paperback
/ Published 1998

The Jimmy Buffett Trivia Book:
501 Questions and Answers for
Parrot Heads
Thomas Ryan / Paperback
/ Published 1997

The Jimmy Buffett Scrapbook
Mark Humphrey, Harris
Lewine / Paperback
/ Published 1996

Naked came the Manatee
by Carl Hiaasen

Lonely Silver Rain ~
by John D. MacDonald

Gumbo Limbo ~
by Tom Corcoran

The Mango Opera ~
by Tom Corcoran

Follow the Equator ~
Mark Twain / Paperback
/ Reprint 1989

The Adventures of Huckleberry
Mark Twain / Paperback
/ Published 1996

Gypsy Songman ~
Jerry Jeff Walker / Hard Cover /
Published 1999

Introducting the Manatee ~
Warren Zeiller / Hard Cover /
Published 1992
Features a picture of Jimmy Buffett on the cover feeding a manatee
Cooking Fearlessly
by Jeff Blank and Jay Moore.
Includes the recipe
for “Parrothead Pasta“,
a seafood dish that is a favorite of Jimmy Buffett.
Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea ~
by Gary Kinder
Expedition Whydah: The Story of the World’s
First Excavation of a Pirate
Treasure Ship and the Man Who
Found Her
by Barry Clifford
“A captivating account of
the demise of infamous pirate
Black Sam Bellamy and his
treasure-laden ship, theWhydah and . . . an equally
compelling story of one man’s
obsessive quest to recover the
wreck and its riches more than
250 years later.”
A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbeanby Melinda Blanchard, Robert Blanchard

Desiring Paradise a true story of
succumbing to the dream
by Karin W. Schlesinger
Bone Island Mambo
by Tom Corcoran
Island Wise: Lessons in Living from the Islands of the World
by Janis Frawley-Holler

Octobus Alibi

by Tom Corcoran

Flirting With Mermaids

by John Kretschmer