Timeline – 1946 to 1969

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The Timeline highlights any important events and accomplishments that have happened during Jimmy Buffett’s lifetime. Please send any additions or corrections to info@buffettnews.com

1946 to 1969

  • Dec 25 1946: James William Buffett was born at the Jackson County Memorial Hospital near Pascagoula, Mississippi. He is the son of James Delaney Buffett Jr. and Mary Loriane (Peets)
  • 1950’s-1960’s: Jimmy Buffett was raised in Mobile Alabama. His father J.D. worked at the Alabama Dry Docks and Shipyard. Jimmy attended catholic school at St. Ignatius grade school and then McGill Institute an all-boys school.
  • 1964: Graduated from McGill Institute
  • Sept 1964: Jimmy attends Auburn University for one year. He pledged with the Sigma Pi faternity, Alpha-Delta chapter. It was there that Jimmy learned how to play guitar from another Sigma Pi pledge. He hoped playing guitar would help him overcome his shyness and help to meet girls. Unfortunately, the guitar playing overtook studying and he only lasted a year at Auburn.
  • 1965: Attends Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi
  • 1966: Transfers to the University of Southern Mississippi.
  • 1967: Jimmy gets initiated into the Kappa Sigma fraternity, Epsilon-Nu Chapter. He formed a small band and played social occasions with members of the fraternity, including Rick Bennett and Doug Duncan.
  • 1969: Earns a Bachelor of Science degree in history and journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi.
  • 1969: Jimmy moves to the New Orleans French Quarter and plays clubs on Bourbon Street with the cover band Upstairs Alliance.
  • July 19, 1969: Jimmy marries his first wife Margie Washichek at St Joseph Chapel in Spring Hill. They moved to Nashville shortly after getting married.
  • 1969: Got a job as a writer for Billboard Magazine in Nashville
  • 1969: Signed with Barnaby Records