Buffett plays free concert in Hollywood FL (video)

Jimmy Buffett played a free get out the vote concert on Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018, at the Hollywood ArtsPark Amphitheater. The set list from the show is now available.

From the Miami Herald: “Coconut bras and politics: Jimmy Buffett hits the campaign trail for Gwen Graham

Parrot Heads flocked to Hollywood Thursday evening to absorb the booze-soaked sounds of Jimmy Buffett as the singer who brought Key West to the world held a free concert to support Gwen Graham’s campaign for Florida governor.

To the extent they were there for a political event, though, is debatable.

“I am an original Parrot Head,” boasted Susan Best, 58, of Hollywood, who was decked out head to toe in green-and-pink flamingo attire. “I couldn’t believe he is playing a free show in my backyard.”

With Graham seeking the Democratic nomination in a five-way race, Buffett’s gratis appearance in a city that boasts a Margaritaville beach resort — and a county with the most Democratic voters in the state — could help her. The 71-year-old singer resonates with an older, whiter crowd, a demographic with whom Graham, 55, should perform well.

Some of the attendees said they’d already made up their mind — to vote for someone other than Graham.

“We came despite the politics,” said Deanna Bloom, 34. “This [Graham] isn’t even who we are for.”

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16 thoughts to “Buffett plays free concert in Hollywood FL (video)”

  1. Set list from last night! I am certain he was going to play longer but the show was cut short by lightning.

    Jimmy, Peter Meyer, Jim Meyer Roger Guth, Ralph McDonald, and John Lovell

    5 O’clock Somewhere
    Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
    Pencil Thin Mustache
    Jolly Mon
    Come Monday
    A Prorate Looks at Forty

  2. Yes! I meant Robert Greenidge on Steel Drums. What an amazing performer.

    You all know how well the brain functions the morning after a Buffett show.

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  4. Honest to effing god – what is the deal with all the spam on this site? There has to be some way to stop it!

      1. I’m so glad Jimmy is who he is and not a trump backer. Thank you Jimmy for doing what you can politically. Its important for me to know who I spend my entertainment dollars on does not back trump or the GOP.

        1. WOW I didn’t mention Republicans, Democrats or Trump. Just looking at his record, Hillary and Gwen.
          Chill Dude

    1. Jimmy is a billionaire capitalist and businessman like our President Trump. He should stick to his music and get out of politics. Democrats are now socialists. I’m sure Jimmy doesn’t want to give all his money away to the government. Back the GOP, Buffett! Democrats are losers!

      1. Could’nt agree more,for him to mention he got a free meal?Come on Jimmy who are you kidding,you sold out for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      1. The good news for Jim is that if he ever gets fired from his one in a million job he clearly has the maturity and temperament to be our next president.

        Why is it ok for Nobody and Jim to express there views but not Josh and Jimmy? IDK

        And was it not Jimmy who spent about two tours flipping the lyrics in Volcano to say how he would not want to land in Maralago? Don’t you think that has something to do with Josh’s point?

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