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Bigger Than The Both Of Us
Written by: Rhonda Coullet
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett
Peak Chart Position: Billboard Country Chart: #58;

Originally from the Album: Riddles In The Sand (1984)

The moon's smiling over my shoulder
I know these same stars will shine when I'm older
So I'm keeping heaven on my mind
'Cause a good love is so hard to find

And it's bigger than the both of us
Deeper than the sea
Tossing on the water riding destiny
Bigger than the both of us
Farther than the eye can see
We're dancing, our souls are dancing

You know there's a million ways to fail
But I know this isn't just a fairy tale
It's a one in million paradise
And I know love is the light in your eyes


Bigger than the both of us
Our souls are dancing
Bigger than the both of us
Our souls are dancing

Shows Played At:
10-17-1997: Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA
Number of Shows: 1