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Train to Dixieland
Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: ()

[Cut from the album "Havana Daydreamin']

Get out the Way The Train's comin'
Get out the way it's close at hand
Get out the way The Train's comin'
Get out the way That Train to Dixieland

Train down to Dixieland
you all heard about
It don't run no more
In fact you know it all ran out
Used to hear that whistle blowin' like a thousand screams
It used to be the fast's thing I'd ever seen

Repeat Chorus

I used to steal away sometimes and go down by the Tracks
Stand so close the wind would nearly knock me on my back
I won't forget the winter nights that lose that lonesome sound
I won't forget that railroad train that shook me to the ground

Repeat Chorus

Only time I went up north to take a look around
Found out why that train was in a hurry coming down
Years were passing faster then that train could ever run
I guess it died and went somewhere the way John Henry done

Repeat Chorus

Shows Played At:
08-09-1997: Pine Knob Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
12-08-1975: Constitution Hall – Washington, DC
09-03-1975: The Backdoor – San Diego, CA
Number of Shows: 3