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The Lawyer and the Asshole
Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: ()

[Buffett played this song at Chaistian Park in Atlanta sometime in the early 80’s]

This lawyer and this asshole
Out in California
Told me I can't play "God's Own Drunk" for you no more
I hate bein' told
What I can and can't do

So here's a little message
'Till I can even up the score:

Kiss my ass, Mr. Greedy
Somethin' here is wrong
You want all that money
And you never wrote the song

I bet your poor daddy's
Rollin' over in the ground
So I'll just sing my own good tunes
They still get me around

Kiss my ass
Kiss my ass
Kiss my ass

Shows Played At:
11-16-1986: OConnell Center – Gainesville, FL
12-10-1983: Augusta Civic Center – Augusta, GA
11-15-1983: University of Florida Gym – Gainesville, FL
08-27-1983: Sheridan Opera House – Telluride, CO
06-08-1981: Fox Theatre – Atlanta, GA
Number of Shows: 5