Summer in America
parrotheads are here,
frolicking and reveling,
sipping on the beer.
Running up and down the George
doing all these things
sneaking to the bushes to
enjoy the right to spring.

Reeferettes: Keep it full, keep it full we can always keep it full.????
Reefers: We can screw, we can screw, we have the right to screw.???

Summer in America,
look at all your kids
doing all the nasty things,
that you parents did.
Frolicking and reveling,
and partying,
listen to the Reeferettes,
They'll teach you the right things.

Reeferettes: Who needs devotion? I've got the motion? Who brought the Trojan? (glass breaking as a high note is hit)

Reeferettes and Reefers : We can screw, we can screw, we can screw, we can screw.

We……can……. we can screw.