Well the train slipped in to the station
A worn out steel blue soul
A relic from colonial days
When the French were still in control
FRENCH lyrics

It’s an outpost in transition
Where the faithful in the bar
Know from the whistle and the squeekin’ wheel
That the next stop is Dakar
Repeat in French

Talk on the radio Talk on the Street
Talk of men with money loco from the heat
Talk about the rail band
Pickin up the beat
We left that crazy union
With the headlights on the jeep

And there’s history on that jukebox
Where the spies and scoundrels dwell
It was the place to go
In Bamako
Di-rec-cion Buffet Hotel
Di rec cion Buffet Hotel

Musical bridge

Now we’re lost in the Sahara
For hours north of Tombouctou (French for Timbuktu)
Looking for a nomad who knows
Or maybe some wandering Jew
??? French Syndou?

And we heard that Taurog combo?
We had come so very far
And we were welcomed out of history
By the wind, sand and the stars.

Sand in the couscous
Sand in the wine
There was sand in my guitar case
And stories in my mind
Machine guns on the hilltop
Camels in my tent
Buried in a sandstorm
As the music came and went

Well we crawled out of that desert
And the storm erased our tracks
The Sahara showed her heart to us
And then she took it back

Well we made it back to Bamako
Before that last call bell
We bought rounds for all our newfound friends
WE owned Buffet Hotel
???(We owned Buffet Hotel in French)
Laissez les bon temps rouler
Tout le monde

I recall dipomats
And hookers
I saw strangers diggin’ wells
And for that one great night in Bamako
We owned Buffet Hotel.