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The Good Fight
Written by: Jimmy Buffett,J.D.Souther
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Coconut Telegraph (1981)

They talk about the women too much
Women got ’em so confused
They don’t talk about their lives as such
My life is all I got to lose
They take it with a grain of salt
And laugh at the complexities

They’re good at pickin’ all the faults
I keep laughin’ so they don’t pick me
Jesus if I had to quit tonight
I’d never know if I was Wrong or right
But That’s just what you get
You gotta go the distance
If you’re gonna fight a good fight,gooood fight

Keep it up & keep a good fight
Keep it up & keep a good fight
Yes it’s got to be a good fight
All I want is just a good fight

Telephone begins to ring
That could only be one call
I might as well be on the moon
Standin’ in the shower stall
I can’t believe she picked it up
She didn’t know the rules somehow
And then I hear her say hello-hello
Panic in the grey room now

Jesus if I had to quit tonight
She’d kill me whether I was wrong or right
But that’s just what you get
You got to go the distance
If you wanna fight a good fight

You never know until you try
It’s hard to see which side your on
Some people say your half way here
Some people say your half way gone


Shows Played At:
07-24-1981: Popular Creek Music Theatre – Hoffman Estates, IL
06-08-1981: Fox Theatre – Atlanta, GA
Number of Shows: 2