Timeline 1980s

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The Timeline highlights any important events and accomplishments that have happened during Jimmy Buffett’s lifetime. Please send any additions or corrections to info@buffettnews.com

The 1980’s

  • 1980: The song Hello Texas recorded by Jimmy Buffett appears on the
    Urban Cowboy
  • 1980: Jimmy’s song Survive is used in the movie Coast to Coast (staring Robert Blake and Dyan Cannon)
  • 1981: Jimmy is appointed chairman of Florida’s Save the Manatee Commission by Gov Robert Graham.
  • 1986: Jimmy buys a hotel (Autour du Rocher ) on St Barts in the Caribbean that is later destroyed by a fire
  • 1981: Coconut Telegraph is released
  • 1981: Jimmy co-writes the song Sugar Trade which appears on the James Taylor album Dad Loves His Work
  • 1982: Jimmy has a role on the soap All My Children as the character Chainsaw McGregor
  • 1982: Jimmy’s song I Don’t Know (Spicoli’s Theme) is included on the soundtrack for Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • 1982: Somewhere Over China is released
  • 1983: Jimmy and Jane Buffett are separated
  • 1983: One Particular Harbour is released
  • 1984: Riddles In The Sand is released
  • 1984: The Caribbean Soul line of t-shirts first appeared
  • January 28, 1985: The first Margaritaville Store opens in Key West. It sold a line of Caribbean Soul t-shirts.
  • February 1985: The Coconut Telegraph fan newsletter debuts
  • 1985: The video Live by the Bay was released. The video contains a live performance by Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band and was filmed at Marine Stadium in Miami.
  • April 1985: The term “Parrot Head” was first used. According to Jimmy Buffett: “Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles bass player) was in the band, and we were playing a venue outside of Cincinnati called King’s Island. People had already started wearing Hawaiian shirts to our shows, but we looked out at this Cincinnati crowd, and they were glaringly brilliant to the point where it got our attention immediately. I said “Look at that!” Then Schmidt says to me, “They look like Deadheads in tropical suits. They’re like Parrot Heads!” He yelled to me in the middle of a song. So I immediately took the term and threw it over the microphone – the people identified themselves with the term from the get-go.”
  • 1985: Jimmy’s song Ragtop Day is used in the movie The Slugger’s Wife
  • 1985: Last Mango In Paris is released
  • 1985: Jimmy’s song Turning Around is used in the movie Summer Rental
  • 1985: A greatest hits compilation Songs You Know By Heart is released and became and remains his best selling album.
  • 1985: Jimmy has a cameo role in the movie Repo Man.
  • 1986: Jimmy sings La Vie Dansante for the special Doctor Ducks Super Secret All Purpose Sauce
  • 1986: Jimmy buy’s his first seaplane, Lady of the Waters, and flys all over the Caribbean.
  • 1986: Floridays is released
  • 1987: The first Margaritaville Cafeopens on Duval Street in Key West
  • 1987: The song Take it Back is released as a single – written by JB for the Americas Cup challenge in Australia.
  • 1988: Releases the album Hot Water which includes guest appearances by favorites James Taylor, Steve Winwood, the Neville Brothers, and Rita Coolidge.
  • 1988: The Jolly Monwritten by Jimmy Buffett and his daughter Savannah Jane is released.
  • 1988: Jimmy does the song Christmas in the Caribbean for Tennessee Christmas
  • 1989: Jimmy’s first novel: Tales from Margaritaville : Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions is released
  • 1989: Jimmy and Bill Murray invest in the Ft Myers Miracles minor league baseball team
  • 1989: Jimmy appeared in Neville Brothers and Friends: Tell it Like it Is
  • 1989: Off To See The Lizard is released