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Summerzcool Tour
Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden NJ
Saturday June 20th, 2009

   Louie Louie  
   Hot Hot Hot  
   Fins Intro  
1  Lage Nom Ai  
2  Stars On The Water  
3  SummerZcool  
4  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (with Professor Mac McAnally)  
5  Manana  
6  Conky Tonkin’ (with Nadirah on vocals)  
7  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes  
8  Volcano (with Ilo Ferreira on some vocals)  
9  Cheeseburger In Paradise  
10  Come Monday (with the Beach Band)  
11  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
12  Brown Eyed Girl (with Ilo Ferreira)  
13  One Particular Harbour  
14  A Lot to Drink About  
   One Love video  
   Jimmy on uke and Robert finishing off the One Love video  
15  My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don’t Love Jesus (Jimmy on uke, with Mac)  
16  Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit  
17  Last Mango In Paris  
18  Home Again (Ilo Ferreira on lead vocals)  
19  Surfing in a Hurricane  
20  Southern Cross  
21  Rhumba Man  
22  Uncle John’s Band (with Stairway to Heaven ending)  
23  A Pirate Looks At Forty (Jimmy acoustic solo)  
24  Margaritaville (with the lost verse)  
25  Fins  
   First Encore:  
   Band Intros:  
   Tina Gullickson, Nadirah Shakoor, Ralph MacDonald, Peter Mayer, Doyle Grisham,  
   Mac McAnally, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Robert Greenidge, Ilo Ferreira,  
   Michael Utley, John Lovell  
26  We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About  
27  Another Saturday Night  
   Second Encore:  
28  He Went To Paris (Jimmy acoustic solo)  
   – Home Again was last played at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in New Orleans LA on Saturday, 5/3/2008  
   – Uncle John's Band was last played at the Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix AZ on Tuesday, 4/18/2006  
   – Another Saturday Night was last played at Toyota Park in Bridgeview IL on Saturday, 7/26/2008