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Margaritaville Cafe – New Orleans LA
Thursday May 2nd, 2002
Club Trini with Jimmy Buffett

   Club Trini Back in Town  
   Hot, Hot, Hot  
1  Margaritaville  
2  Fruitcakes  
   Jimmy said in New Orleans he lost his virginity and formed his first band.  
3  Everybody’s Got A Cousin In Miami  
4  Mademoiselle (Voulez-Vous Danser) (Sonny Landreth & Zachary Richard)  
5  I Will Play For Gumbo (Sonny & Zachary)  
6  Far Side Of The World  
7  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
8  Savannah Fare You Well  
9  I Love The Now  
10  Pascagoula Run  
11  A Pirate Looks At Forty  
12  Autour Du Rocher  
13  Last Man Standing  
14  Uss Zydecoldsmobile  
   Band Intros  
15  Tiki Bar is Open  
16  Brown Eyed Girl