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Morris’ Nightmare
Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: You Had To Be There (1978)

Down in the islands where the happy folks stay
Everybody do what Bwana Jim say
He say its ok, it’s ok

You can do what you wanna
Do what you like
Twist a big ol’ number
Ride a motorbike
It’s alright, It’s alright

Dance to the drum
Drink a lot of rum
Love till you come to a stop

Swing like a monkey in a coconut tree
Sing like the dolphins in the deep blue sea
Sing it’s alright, it’s alright

“How does Fred Neil do it? Come on Jay Spell”

You know people in the city got nowhere to go
They used to go to bars now they go to Discos
No, no, no disco (uh-uh, no)

They never see the sun
They hardly see the moon
They barely see the ground ’til the snow melts in June
Uptight, It’s out of sight

So they save a little money
Take a little trip
They only see the islands from a tacky cruise ship

Buy a little liquor
Buy some sea shells
Husband tries to sleep
Wife just yells
Morris, you can sleep when you get home

Down in the islands where the happy folks stay
Everybody do what Biwana man say
He say its ok, it’s ok

It’s alright, it’s alright
Do what you wanna, do what you like

Shows Played At:
06-27-2013: Klipsch Music Center – Noblesville, IN
06-25-2013: Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ
06-22-2013: Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
06-20-2013: Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA
05-04-2013: FC Stadium – Frisco, TX
05-03-2013: Austin360 Amphitheater – Austin, TX
04-30-2013: Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood – Atlanta, GA
04-27-2013: Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN
11-20-1999: Bay Street Theater – East Hampton, NY
08-28-1997: Great Woods – Mansfield, MA
12-05-1989: Riverside Theater – Milwaukee, WI
08-27-1983: Sheridan Opera House – Telluride, CO
06-20-1978: Universal Amphitheatre – Los Angeles, CA
Number of Shows: 13