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Hot Water
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: June 1st, 1988
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #46;

1 – Homemade Music (Jimmy Buffett, Mike Utley & Russell Kunkell)
2 – Baby’s Gone Shopping (Jimmy Buffett)
3 – Bring Back The Magic (Jimmy Buffett and Will Jennings)
4 – My Barracuda (Jimmy Buffett/Michael Utley/Russell Kunkel/Steve Cropper)
5 – L’air De La Louisiane (Jesse Winchester)
6 – Prince Of Tides (Jimmy Buffett/Michael Utley)
7 – Pre-You (Jimmy Buffett/Ralph MacDonald/William Salter)
8 – King Of Somewhere Hot (Jimmy Buffett, Ralph MacDonald, Wm. Salter, & Robert Greenidge)
9 – Great Heart (Johnny Clegg)
10 – Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt) (Jimmy Buffett and Marshall Chapman)
11 – That’s What Living Is To Me (Jimmy Buffett)


Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Michael Utley Keyboards, Organ, Synthesizers
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Russell Kunkel Drums and Percussion
James Taylor Background Vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Pre-You”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane” Special Guests
Robert Greenidge Steel Drums
Rita Coolidge Background Vocals on “Bring Back the Magic” Special Guests
Timothy B. Schmit Bass on “L’Air de la Louisiane”, Background Vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane”
Ralph MacDonald Percussion
Wayne Jackson Trumpet, Trombone Special Guests
Andrew Love Alto and Tenor Sax Special Guests
Steve Cropper Electric Guitar
Hugh McCracken Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, bass harmonica & Lead Guitar on “Prince of Tides”
Jeff Miranoff Electric Guitar on “Pre-You”
Buddy Williams Drums on “King of Somewhere Hot” and “Pre-You”
Steve Winwood Organ and Background Vocals on “My Barracuda”
Richard Tee Piano on “Pre-You”
Donald “Duck” Dunn Bass
Marcus Miller Bass on “King of Somewhere Hot”
Anthony Jackson Bass on “That’s What living is to me”
Alex Blake Bass on “Pre-You”
The Memphis Horns Horns Special Guests
Grover Washington Jr. Horns on “That’s What living is To me” and “Pre-You” Special Guests
The Neville Brothers Background Vocals on “Bring Back the Magic”, “Great Heart”, “Homemade Music”, “My Barracuda”, “Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)” Special Guests

Label: MCA
Produced by: Michael Utley and Russell Kunkel Except for “Pre-You”, “King of Somewhere Hot”, and “That’s What living is to me” Produced by Ralph MacDonald


Original Vinyl Information:

MCA-42093, MCA Records. No Gatefold, no liner notes. Record sleeve is clear plastic.

Original CD Information:
MCAD-42093, MCA Records. CD booklet, which contains lyrics and song-by-song notes which are not included on the vinyl. CD omits the photograph from the LP back cover.

William Eaton: String Arrangements on “Pre-You”
Design and Art Direction: Kosh
Photographer: Jean Pagliuso
Assistant: Richard Reed
Production Assistant: “Sunshine” Smith & “Kine” Bachellier

Recorded at: Shrimpboat Sound Key West, New River Studios Ft. Lauderdale, Criteria Studios Miami, Rosebud Studios New York, The Hit Factory New York, Coral Sound Studios Port of Spain Trinidad, Clinton Sound New York
Artisan Recorder Mobile Truck: Marine Stadium, Key Biscayne/Wicker Field, Key West, The Complex, Los Angeles
Recorded & Mixed by: Jay Rifkin
Assistant Engineers: Ross Ritto, Dave Barton, Teresa Verplanck, John Portuondo, Andrew Byrd, Kendall Brown, Eddie Heath, Jay Healy, Roger Talkov, Scott Forman, Duane Seykora, Eric Michaud, Joe Brown, Jean Curtis, Neal Dignon, Peter Yianilos, Jim Nipar
Technicians: Nathaniel Kunkel, Dale Peterson, Peter Moran, Mark Butler
Mastered by: Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab
Special “Hot Water” Crew: Nina Avramides, Jay Rifkin, Bobby Liberman, Charlie Allen, Sunshine Smith, Ross Ritto, Kino Bachallier, Steve Onuska

Thanks to: J.L. Jamison, Mark Pelczarski, Nathaniel Kunkel, Paulina Cayla, Virginia Cayla, Mary Flemming, C.F. Martin Inc., Peavey Inc. Greg Ladanyl, George Massenburg & The Complex staff. Westwood Music/Los Angeles Fred Walecki, Mark Bookin, Mark Brown. Ace Music/Miami Alan & Mark. Five Golden Rings/Miami Lise Ireland, earrings. The Idea Factory/New Orleans Thomas Mann: Hat pin, “Woody” Jenkins.

Food: Margaritaville Bar & Grill, Key West “Kino’s” Gourmet kitchen, Key West Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Bagatelle, Key West Crab Shack, Dania, FL Nathaniel’s Riverfront Bar, Ft. Lauderdale Louie’s Backyard, Key West. Security: Lazy Jake’s Hammock Shop/Key West. Special Thanks: National Park Service, Everglades City, FL Key West Seaplane Service Air-Sea Key West.

Steve Winwood appears courtesy of Virgin Records
Marcus Miller appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Anthony Jackson appears courtesy of A&M Records.
Grover Washington Jr. appears courtesy of Columbia, Records Inc.
Art Neville appears courtesy of A&M Records
Aaron Neville appears courtesy of A&M Records
Cyril Neville appears courtesy of A&M Records
James Taylor appears courtesy of Columbia Records, Inc.

This album is dedicated to John D. MacDonald, one of America’s great natural resources.

Song by Song:

Homemade Music:
I ran into an old friend of mine in Miami and I asked her where she had been all these years. She told me she had, “died and gone to the suburbs”. The next day I read where the Japanese had bought CBS Records and figured that somehow these two events had to be related.

Baby’s Gone Shopping:
There are ten pictures of Marilyn Monroe in my studio and I always fantasize while I’m singing about being a chauffeur in the car as Marilyn hits the stores on Madison Avenue and then she asks me to go to Mexico with her.

Bring Back the Magic:
Inspired by a Noel Rockmore painting entitled “Ride of the Beachcombers”. I bought the painting and sat with it for a morning in New Orleans and let it and the town talk to me.

My Barracuda:
Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. A sleeping bag under a bridge by a canal is still waterfront property.

L’air de la Louisianne:
Jesse Winchester sang this song many years ago as an opening act for us and I’ve always wanted to do it. To be able to sing it with James Taylor and Timothy B. Schmit was as much a treat for me as I hope it is for you.

Prince of Tides:
Pat Conroy, Doc Pomus and the people of Dafuskie Island have already said it all. I am thankful for such inspiration.

I was standing in an elevator in San Diego listening to two sailors talking. One had just returned from his honeymoon where he had run into his ex on the beach. The other sailor asked “What did you do?” and the first sailor replied “After she left I told my new wife that ‘she was pre-you’, and it worked.”

King of Somewhere Hot:
Robert Greenidge and Ralph MacDonald finally got me to Trinidad and when I heard the Desperados playing my song up on Laventhill I felt like a King and it was Hot.

Great Heart:
Travelling always increases the appetite for new music and I found Johnny Clegg tapes in the south of France and was immediately hooked on them. I’m glad there are still younger artists who write and play their own songs that I wish I had written. This is one of them.

Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt):
This song is about being in my 40’s in the 80’s. It seems I’m learning more than I’m forgetting.

That’s What Living is to Me:
I would like to thank J.D. Souther for the book, Harry Belafonte for the early inspiration and Mark Twain for taking the trip long ago.

Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com