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Living & Dying In 3/4 Time
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: February 1st, 1974
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #176;

1 – Pencil Thin Mustache (Jimmy Buffett)
2 – Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)
3 – Ringling, Ringling (Jimmy Buffett)
4 – Brahma Fear (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Brand New Country Star (Jimmy Buffett)
6 – Livingston’s Gone To Texas (Jimmy Buffett)
7 – The Wino And I Know (Jimmy Buffett)
8 – West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown (Jimmy Buffett)
9 – Saxophones (Jimmy Buffett)
10 – Ballad Of Spider John (Willis Alan Ramsey)
11 – God’s Own Drunk (Lord Buckley)


Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Acoustic Guitar
Lanny Fiel Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar
Buzz Cason Background Vocals
Bergen White Strings and Horns arrangement
Bergen White Background Vocals
Reggie Young Electric Guitar
Doyle Grisham Pedal Steel
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Sammy Creason Drums and Bodyguard
Farrell Morris Congas, Vibes and other little goodies
Don Gant Background Vocals
Tommy Cogbill Bass
Billy Puett Horns on “Saxophones”

Label: ABC/Dunhill
Producer: Don Gant


Original Vinyl Information:

DSD-50132, ABC/Dunhill. Gatefold featuring a painting of a sunset, limited liner notes on the back cover, lyrics on a black and white insert that includes a photo of Jimmy. Black or brown generic ABC/Dunhill label, orange ABC/Dunhill sleeve with a
silhouette of a family holding hands on a mountainside on it. Another version has no gatefold, and has a plain white sleeve and a yellow/orange/purple Dunhill label.

Foreign Vinyl Information:

An original Canadian promotional release has “West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown God’s Own Drunk Restricted – Not For Radio Play” printed in white on the upper right corner of the album. This version is not a gatefold, and has a plain white sleeve and a yellow/orange/purple Dunhill label.

Re-issued Vinyl Information:

MCA 37025, MCA. Gatefold and insert eliminated, so printed lyrics are not longer included along with the painting and photo. Plain white sleeve. Limited liner notes remain on the back cover.

Original CD Information:

MCAD-1588. Decent liner notes and photo of the shark. Out of print.

Re-issued CD Information:

MCAD-31059. “Compact Disk, Compact Price”. No liner notes or artwork sans the front cover which has a logo representing MCA’s generic moniker in the lower right hand corner..

Strings and Horns arranged by: Bergen White

Recorded: October 1973 at Woodland Sound Studio Nashville, Tennessee

Recording Engineer: David McKinley

Mastering Engineer: Bob Swoell

Mix Engineer: Tommy Semmes

Cover Photography: Guy De la Valdene

Shark Photography: Gil Drake

Painting “Living and Dying in 3/4 Time”: Rick Bibby

With love to Miss Jane…

Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com