Coral Reefer Band

Peter Mayer

Peter grew up in Tamilnadu India where his parents served as missionaries. Influences from that period of his life can be heard in his playing.

Peter first recorded under the name PM, and released a debut album in 1988. This album produced the single “Piece of Paradise,” which rose to number eight on the Billboard chart.

During the recording of “Off to See the Lizard” in 1989 Elliot Scheiner suggested that Jimmy use Peter for the recording sessions. Buffett was so impressed that he quickly hired them as part of his own Coral Reefer Band, a successful relationship that continues to date.

Peter still records solo albums and tours frequently as “The Peter Mayer Group”. The group includes Coral Reefers Jim Mayer and Roger Guth along with musicians Vince Varvel and Scott Bryan.

A three part interview with Peter Mayer is available at Time After Island Time – On Demand

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Album Credits (Jimmy Buffett albums)
Year Album Title Credit Notes
1989 Off To See The Lizard Guitars, Background Vocals
1990 Feeding Frenzy Guitar & Vocals
1992 Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads Guitar & Vocals on Everlasting Moon
1994 Fruitcakes Guitar, Vocals
1995 Barometer Soup Guitar, Vocals
1996 Banana Wind Guitar, Vocals
1996 Christmas Island Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Guitar, Vocals, Tony
1999 Beach House on the Moon Guitar, Vocals
1999 Buffett Live – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Guitar, Vocals
2002 Far Side Of The World Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
2003 Meet Me In Margaritaville Guitar, Vocals
2003 Live in Auburn, WA Guitar
2003 Live in Las Vegas, NV Guitar
2004 Live in Mansfield, MA Guitar
2004 Live in Cincinnati, OH Guitar
2005 Live In Hawaii Guitar
2005 Live at Fenway Park Guitar
2006 Hoot (Movie Soundtrack) Guitar
2006 Live at Wrigley Field (DVD) Guitar
2006 Take the Weather With You Guitar, Vocals
2006 Live At Wrigley Field (CD) Guitar
2007 Live at Texas Stadium Guitar, Vocals Coral Reefer Band
2007 Live in Anguilla Guitar

Tours (with the Coral Reefer Band)
Year Tour Name Credit Notes
1989 Off To See The Lizard Tour Guitar
1990 Jimmy’s Jump Up Tour Guitar
1991 Outpost Tour Guitar
1992 Recession Recess Tour Guitar
1993 Chameleon Caravan Tour Guitar
1994 Fruitcakes Tour Guitar
1995 Domino College Tour Guitar
1996 Banana Wind Tour Guitar
1997 Havana Daydreamin’ Tour Guitar
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Tour Guitar
1999 Beach House On The Moon Tour Guitar
2000 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Tour Guitar
2001 A Beach Odyssey Tour Guitar
2002 Far Side of the World Tour Guitar
2003 Tiki Time Tour Guitar
2004 License To Chill Tour Guitar
2005 A Salty Piece Of Land Tour Guitar
2006 Party At The End Of The World Tour Guitar
2007 Bama Breeze Tour Guitar
2008 The Year of Still Here Tour Guitar, Background Vocals
2009 Summerzcool Tour Guitar, Background Vocals
Special Appearances
Date Show Info Credit Notes

Solo and Other Albums

Year Album Title  
Stirrin’ Up The Water
Spare Tire Orchestra
Romeo’s Garage
Green Eyed Radio